Nude Girl crying on her bed

Web cam girls – They have feelings too

So I accidently caught this sweet girl camming on a webcam chatfree website I’ve already talked about before called LiveFreeFun. I was just lurking around looking for some cute girl to random chat with and when I saw a girls (anonymous) profile picture I thought I should go into her chatroom and see what this hot girl looked like on live cam.Nakita_Lynn

Much to my surprise it was not at all what I had expected. At first when I got there I wasn’t so sure if she was drunk or just acting. I immediately decided to screen shot her live cam thinking that maybe I could talk about hot cam girls and the fact that they are real people just like you and me on my blog. (so here I am) Cam girls do have feelings and maybe they should not be sharing them on webcam but I guess for some girls its the only place they can share these types of emotions. Some people think down on us cam girls and say that we don’t care and that we are just in it for the money…Well this is proof that we do care. That things affect us too and that we dont just do it for cash.

Sometimes you have the fakers who pretend to be upset or throw a fit or cry, but sometimes you are totally taken aback by a girl who exhudes real emotion. Sometimes you might just walk into a chat roomexpecting a sublime model dancing and showing her ass… but sometimes (it happens, this is proof) you might just come across a hot girl throwing a fit or crying her eyes out over something you do not seem to understand. Just like the webcam girl in this video.

Nakita_Lynn BreakDownCorrect me if I’m wrong but in this video the cam girl seems to be really upset over the fact that one of her good clients on her online chatprofile seems to have got caught by hurricane Sandy. She keeps crying over the fact that its not fair that something so horrible has happened to him. My question is, if he has lost his home, his power, and his family is in trouble…then why the is he spending time still chatting with her? I guess if something like that would happen to me I would definitely not be camming or watching cam girls, my priorities would be getting my things back in order. Anyways what-ever the reason it really seems to be affecting her emotionally. Maybe next time she feels the tears coming on she should turn off her webcam chat, get some tissues and get a real hug from a real person 🙂 What do you think?

Source: Stolen From Webcam