Top 5 Live Webcam Babes

What’s not to love about chatting with live cam babes? The only problem i can see is not actually being able to interact with them physically, but this is what we have to deal with and it’s a heck of a lot better than just watching porn videos.


There are a lot of cam babes out there these days who earn a living from home. It’s much safer than working at a strip club and gives the ladies a bit more control to express their inner sexuality because at the end of the day, a cam girl is her own boss!

We’re going to take a look at the current top 5 cam babes on SlutRoulette, started from best to least to give you a little direction in case you’re shopping around for the next hottest sex chat babe!

1 – Quinn Joy

Quinn Joy is not your traditional webcam babe. Just based on her appearance alone, the bright yellow hair stands out and she’s decked herself out with a pretty funky webcam studio.

The coolest part of her laboratory of lust is the wheel of fortune she’s set up. When a sponsor drops some cash, she spins the wheel for a sexual prize!

QuinnJoy SlutRoulette Channel

2 – Ema Thompson

Ema Thompson falls into your classic description of a webcam babe. She’s got a flawless look. She’s thin, carries herself with style and is basically a professional, she’s in no way an amateur.

She’s 20 from Estonia, an Aries who gets turned on by hearing from how you’ll touch her sexually.

Ema is an absolute fox, we suggest anyone seeking a perfect babe to check out her cam show by following the link below.

Ema Thompson SlutRoulette Channel

3 – Abbie Brush

Abbie Brush is a 19 year old bisexual hispanic webcam babe and she’s phenomenal! Why?

She’s got a tight teen body and always has a big smile on her beautiful face. Smiling matters in this biz folks. Who doesn’t love seeing a sexy, cheerful babe who’s ready to please?

She’s got a perfectly bald pussy, but not just everyone can see it. She leaves that for you to discover with her in a private one on one chat. You can check out her

Abbie Brush SlutRoulette ChannelĀ 

4 – Emily Yount

Emily Yount is another 18 year old Estonia cam babe. Her studio has a mirror, so while she’s dancing around you get a nice view of all of her beautiful angles.

And yes, she dances around constantly keeping the show nice and energetic. That’s one thing that makes Emily Yount stand out, her on cam energy.

Other than that, she dresses is very seductive attire which showcases her lovely cam babe bod and of course, leaves her viewers wanting more…

Emily Yount SlutRoulette Channel

5 – Annie Rose

Annie Rose is a 20 year old stunning Belgian webcam girl with an incredible body. She’s the picturesque idea of a perfect live sex webcam babe. Her attire is sensual, revealing just enough to inspire viewers want more and drop those credits so she’ll reveal the goods.

Another standout feature Annie Rose brings to the table is the way she moves. She’s like a minx. Her movements are fluid, writhing and sensual. She puts on an excellent cam show!

Annie Rose SlutRoulette Channel

We here at SlutRoulette hope that we were able to make your cam girl browsing a little easier and provide you with some nice recommendations to expand your cam girl library. Happy fapping!

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