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My name is Mabel and I used to have a really hard time having an orgasm.

I felt left out of the sunshine while everyone grinned sinfully thinking about the last time they had sex.

I mean, I still enjoyed sex but I was missing that great pay-off at the end.

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I would get turned on, but not enough. Things would get really intense as things climaxed but for years, no matter how fast and long I was penetrated I wasn’t brought to orgasm.

So I started to open myself up to experimenting.

I don’t know why I was so hesitant going into it.

I guess I was afraid of becoming like this crazy slut who couldn’t get off without having a jar of dill flavoured pickles shoved up her pussy, or something weird like that.


Slutroulette LELO dildo Masturbation

Slutroulette LELO dildo Masturbation

Anyways, I had to try something so I got my first vibrator.

Honestly, it felt like a bit of work and I would quickly become frustrated when things weren’t happening fast enough.

I would spend my night experimenting with sex toys and in the day I would read all of the sex advice I could get my hands on.

I mean I was kind of stressed, waiting to be able to bring myself to come, but at the same time it was fun trying all of new toys and gadgets.


Finally one day after doing some serious shopping therapy (yes, I’ll admit it I have a bit of a shoe problem, and the problem is that I never have enough!)

I was flipping through a women’s magazine and read an article called: Why you should keep your socks on in bed.

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I was super intrigued and decided that when Dave (my boyfriend at the time) came over that night I would strut around and show him my new boots.

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The thought of waltzing around in socks was not a sexy thought at first, but that’s because I was thinking of white gym socks.


Once I bought black knee high socks with black lace to wear inside my boots, I really started to get into it.

Slutroulette black and white stripped socks fucking session

Slutroulette black and white stripped socks fucking session

So this time as Dave and I got closer and hotter I took off his clothes and removed mine.

When his hands touched my boots I let him slide the zipper down and pull them off, but when he touched the socks I stopped him and shook my head ‘No’.

I was worried at first that the socks ( I changed to black and white stripped sock by this time) might turn him off but my fears were relieved when he raised an eye-brow in intrigue.

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He stoked my feet caressing the soft material and even started biting my feet.

I was so surprised because he’d never done that before.

He bit over and over again, consuming my feet both at the same time. It hurt a little but felt so good I could feel myself getting wet.

Then he tossed one leg to the side and kept biting my right foot as he slipped two fingers inside me.

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The entrance was smooth, because truth be told I really wanted him there.

I used my spare leg to wrap underneath his arm and started massaging his balls and he loved it.

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I don’t think I’d ever felt him so hard.

When he put his cock inside me I just about went nuts.

I surrendered my body to him.

My arms and legs flailed around as he went deeper and deeper inside.

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Finally I put both my feet on his chest and massaged his strong pecks while he accelerated, for the first time, bringing us both to climax.

I had the best sleep of my life after that!!

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Now that I know the erotic power of my feet I don’t mind pampering myself, getting pedicures so that my lover can suck on my freshly painted feet and I’m not ashamed to say it out lout: feet rock!