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The Top 10 most searched things on Google

What People Search For: Most Searched Things On Google

Keep Calm And Google Porn

Ever wondering what people is looking on when they start “googling” something ?!?
I do, here’s some results:

1. porn

2. facebook

5. whats is love/ how do you get it/ how do you find it

6. book summaries

7. describe a vagina

8. what is the answer to life, the universe and everything?

9. yahoo Scores

google porn please

Sex does sell, and yet, it is what Google users are most likely to search online.

But according to an infographic by sex product website, collected data from monthly Google users shows that even when people are searching sex phrases, they may not be searching them in the highest volumes.

While some were terms were more obvious than others — 506 million people searched the term ‘sex’ while only 30 million searched ‘chocolate’ as guilty pleasures — others surprised even us.

Turns out when it comes to tying the knot, most people are determined to find love. At least 1.8 million Google users have searched ‘how to get married,’ while only 200 thousand users have searched ‘how to get laid.’

But all of these terms mentioned don’t match with any of Google’s top searches of 2011. According to their annual report, Rebecca Black, Google+, Ryan Dunn, Casey Anthony and Battlefield 3 were the site’s top searched words in 2011, according to

Are we more likely to search ‘jobs’ or ‘blow jobs?’ You’ll be surprised with some of the stats: 


Guilty Pleasures:
According to the report, 37 million people searched ‘porn movies’ on Google, while 823 thousand have searched “Harry Potter movies.”



Guilty Pleasures Round 2:

Looking for pleasure? Well, 30 million people have searched ‘chocolate’ on Google, while 506 million have searched ‘sex.’



Career Goals:

For those who are focused on jobs, 226 million search for ‘jobs,’ while 6.1 million people search ‘blow jobs.’


Wedding Ring-Vs-Get-Laid

Put A Ring On It:

Users seem to want to put a ring on it. At least 1.8 million users have searched ‘how to get married,’ while 200 thousand have searched ‘how to get laid.’



Heavy Petting:

Purr. At least 83.1 million people have searched ‘cat,’ while 37.2 million have searched ‘pussy.’



Playing The Field, Good Serve:

When it comes to having a little fun, 12 thousand users are looking for tennis partners, while 301 thousand users are looking for ‘sex partners.’



The Course:

About 11.1 million Google users have searched ‘golf course’ while 6.1 million users have searched intercourse.



First Comes Love?

First comes love then comes marriage? According to the graphic, 506 million users have searched ‘sex,’ 185 million users have searched ‘love,’ and 25 million have searched ‘marriage.’

check out Jimmy Jane’s infographic:

Jimmyjane Searching Sex facts



So, What’s your Googling style ?

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