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Teenage girls sent this sexy video to their boyfriends. What do you think happened?

Kodi and Luna are two naughty and horny teens who both miss their boyfriends. They wanted to make separate sex videos to entice them, but then decided that it would get them a lot more excited to see their little dolls getting down and dirty together.

Kodi Goemble & Luna Star

So, they set up the camera, performed a very enticing striptease and started fondling each other’s naked body. Being both highly clitoral girls they told the guys they were going to show them graphically how to rub and lick their little love buttons in order to make them really squirm with pleasure.

Kodi Goemble and Luna Star

So, each in turn sat on the couch spread eagled as the other one brought the camera for a close up on their glistening slits. They then parted their pussy lips as far open as they would go and brought their throbbing hard clits to shattering orgasms that left them both panting!

Kodi Goemble & Luna Star’s Sleepover Webcam