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In today’s post we’re going to be looking at the top teen cam girls on SlutRoulette. While it’s impossible to say who’s really the top because everyone has their different likes, fetishes, and general quips that attract them, we’re judging on the best balance of hotness, energy level and creativity as they put on their sweet teen webcam shows.

Before we begin, a little disclaimer: All of these teen babes are 18 years of age or older. We have a strict verification process that ensures that that aspect of things are on the up and up.

Let’s begin our journey through the digital alley ways of Slutroulette, which are lined with a dazzling array of teen sex cam girls with different personalities, body types, likes and dislikes. Just think of it as a rainbow of teen sex cams and we’re going to explore it together to find the gold.

1 – Jessie Grace


The first teen webcam babe that stole my attention was this one, who goes by the name “Jessie_Grace”. She’s got a tight teen body which she flaunts very well on cam. Her tits (at least while I was watching) were perked out from under her lifted shirt and over her bra, showing just the right amount of webcam tits to get the engines roaring.

She’s 19 years old, from Colombia and apparently has a thing for My Little Pony (I’m not judging her on that). One thing i will judge her on though is that she’s into Anal, deepthroat and role play and so she’s not afraid to use all of her holes to their fullest potential. This, for me equates to a positive point value.

The screenshots below are a little more lewd than the intro one (you know you want it) and will show you exactly how personal she’s willing to get during her live shows. She’s not a shy webcam teen, in fact she willing to show and spread just about whatever you want her to during an ongoing cam chat.

Jessie_Grace – SlutRoulette Channel

2 – CandeeMaze


This 19 year old Romania webcam teen is the perfect example of what Romanian girls have to offer in terms of their stunning Eastern European look. When you come across a webcam girl with perfect features like CandeeMaze, you stop in your tracks (at least I did). Her perfect teen beauty struck me and I had to sit around her show for a while to see what she would do. Her chat was very active (understandably so) and she didn’t go down the same lascivious road that our #1 cam teen did, but that’s okay.

CandeeMaze isn’t just beautiful, but she walks a bit on the intellectual side of sex as well. One of her main turn ons is stimulating conversation, imagination and humor. Don’t be intimidated though, when it comes to sex she does enjoy getting down and dirty. If you enter a private room with her, she loves placing the webcam up close to her tiny tight teen pussy and mutually masturbating with you, or caressing her nude teen body while performing a sensual dance.

CandeeMaze – SlutRoulette Channel

3 – Sexy_Fuki_Gami


Her webcam quality may suck, in fact, it does. However, it’s so hard to find REAL hot Japanese webcam teens live on the internet that I had to include her regardless of the quality of something that can and hopefully will be upgraded in the future. The rarity of finding a live Japanese webcam teen is priceless.

Her webcam quality isn’t the only thing that sucks, she in fact does love sucking dick. But, in the case that your only likely interaction with her will be via webcam chat, she has dildos laying around to roleplay with instead. Another one of her favorite things to do on live cam is is fingering her tight teen Japanese butthole.

You also can’t ignore the puffy ears she wears and massive Japanese cam tits she sports. Sexy_Fuki_Gami truly is a needle in a haystack for those seeking an authentic Japanese webcam teen to chat up and have sex with online.

Sexy_Fuki_Gami – SlutRoulette Channel

4 – AlisaStarLove

If you see this Russian Webcam babe while perusing a live sex cam website, how could you not stop? First and foremost, she’s just plain hot. She’s got that perfect look in her face, and her body is great as well. Second, she got her legs spread barely covering her tight teen pussy and third, she has a pretty cool tattoo.

I couldn’t resist. Normally I won’t stop for girl who’se laying around, I personally like it when they’re more upbeat and energetic but her sheer perfect beauty and willingness to expose herself won me over.

She’s 19 and from Russia (those damn Russians and they’re awesome female genetics), likes anal play, and isn’t a fan of dudes who are rude to her (well, who really is?). Unfortunately during the time i spent with her she didn’t remove any other articles of clothing (although I prayed that she would) and so I had to move on. BUT, that doesn’t mean she won’t give you the goods in a private show (be sure to screencap this hot Russian cam sex model and send it to me if you go private with her).

AlisaStarLove – SlutRoulette Channel

5 – AelxandraWang

You can most like guess why this one’s included in the hot webcam teen list. Pure shock value. She’s peacocking hard and it worked on me. If it worked on me, than im sure there’s a chance it’ll attract your curiosity as well. The purple dreads, assortment of disconnected tattoos and the mystique of not showing her face on cam all play a part as to what makes her a special webcam teen babe abd deserving of being on this top list.

Appearance aside though, she’s from the UK, she’s 18 and DOESN’T do anal unfortunately. She will however treat you to a vibrator pussy play show, she likes to talk dirty, give blowjobs and get her ass slapped. Just don’t penetrate it or ask her to do it for you.

That’s all folks. I hope that from my hard work, sifting through all those teen cam girls on SlutRouletteLive.com and pulling out only the gems has paid off and been worth it for you. In other words, i hope you found a fun new teen cam model to have some fun with. Even if you decide not to check them out though, and sign up for free, i’d still be curious to hear who your favorite girl was down in the comments section below.

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