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10 Funniest YouTube Sex Toy Videos

You’ll find a lot of sex-toy-related videos on YouTube. Some are instructional. Some are dirty. Many are sales pitches. You can also find some good DIY tutorials for homemade projects. But just for fun, we’ve rounded up some of the more entertaining ones for your viewing pleasure.

1. Sex Toy Story

A slick parody of the Pixar blockbuster.

2. The Dildo Song

A classic. You’ll have this ditty stuck in your head for days.

3. “It’s a Dildo” – The Office UK


4. Granny Finds a Dildo

Oh, these new-fangled inventions!

5. Boys Can Wait

A public service announcement from Technical Virgins.

6. Dildo on the News

Is that a dildo or the SWAT team’s battering ram? Watch for it at 0:15.

7. Butt Plug Prank Call

The man has a simple request. Confusion and hilarity ensue.

8. White Water Rafting w/Blow Up Dolls

Not so much rafting as river crossing. You can barely hear the audio, but they’re speaking Russian or something anyway.

9. The Factory: How a Dildo Is Made

Repurposed retro film footage used to make an educational short you never saw in grade school.

10Pineapple-Shaped Dildo

There’s no substitute for the real thing.


StaciChase<br /><br /> I’ll take you for a ride that you’ll NEVER forget<br /><br />

Homemade Sex Toys – Bean Bag Chair

Bean Bag Chair Sex toy

When you go on Slutroulette chatting session, you may want to feel the sensation of fucking your webcam lover, so here it is; we created a bean bag chair with a removable, storable artificial vagina that hides away right inside the chair itself. And the Velcro that keeps the fake pussy in place becomes the self-closing seal on the storage compartment when the unit is removed. While there’s no award (that we know of) for excellence in furniture sex toys design, if there was, we think this chair deserves a nomination.

Before we got started on the chair, the first step was to assemble the “fake pussy” unit. Taking a tip from various reader submissions we’ve received, we used a rubber glove for the main “receptacle”. If you have a latex allergy, of course, you’ll want to use a vinyl or nitrile glove instead. A toilet paper roll, with most of the TP still on it, is used for the “holder”. Using a TP roll means you can custom size the roll to fit whatever type of glove or bag you’re using by unrolling more or less paper from it. The unit is meant to be replaceable in case it gets mucked up with extended use, and TP is cheap and readily available. If toilet paper roll is too snug a fit, you can try using a paper towel roll.

First we wrapped the TP roll in duct tape to help hold it together and give it more substance, and to create a bit of a moisture barrier. We wrapped vertical straps of tape around the roll from one hole to another. Each piece of tape had a two-inch vertical cut in each end, making two flaps that could be crisscrossed and overlapped so the tape would lie more smoothly against the inner curve of the tube.

To prepare the glove, we inserted the fingers through the middle of the tube and turned the outer cuff down around the outside of the roll, then marked the glove at the top of the roll to get the position for the Velcro strips. The glove was removed from the TP roll and we glued two equal length strips of hook Velcro and loop Velcro to each side of the glove. We used Gorilla Glue and clamped it per the instructions. After it was dry, the glove was replaced on the TP roll with the Velcro in position.

The first step in preparing the chair was to rip out a small opening in one side seam, about 5.5” long and about halfway along the bag. Since the sides of the opening are going to wrap around the TP roll/pussy unit, we calculated the necessary length of the slit by finding the circumference of the TP roll and dividing by 2. We carefully tore the stitches out with a utility knife (a seam ripper is easier if you have one), and then reinforced the ends of the opening with a few hand stitches so the opening would not unravel and enlarge further.

We wanted to put a plastic bag inside the opening for several reasons. First, to keep the Styrofoam pellets from escaping when the pussy unit was removed or replaced; second, to create a moisture barrier for any leaking lube or, uh, other fluids; and third, to create a stowaway compartment where the pussy unit could be stored when not in use. A quart-sized Ziploc bag happened to fit inside the opening perfectly.

After inserting the bag, we folded the edges of the fabric over into the inner edge of the bag and glued it in place. Sewing the plastic bag to the fabric would be more appropriate if you expect to put a lot of strain on the unit or use it frequently.

When the plastic bag liner was secured, we cut two strips of Velcro – one
hooks and one loops – to fit along either side of the opening. We glued
the Velcro strips onto the inside fold of the fabric so they faced each
other, clamping them while the glue dried. The edge of each strip was just
slightly below the top of the opening so the Velcro would not be visible
when the opening was sealed.

Once the glue was dry, all we had to do was insert the pussy unit with the Velcro matched to the appropriate sides, and the bean bag was ready to rock and roll.

When you’re finished you can disengage the Velcro and just push the fake pussy inside, then reseal the seam. However, we recommend you take the unit out and clean it before storing it away, or you’ll find a funky surprise the next time you open it up.


The Velcro recloses the seam securely, and if you turn the bag around, it can be used for seating with no one the wiser to its other purpose.

Bonus Project!

Here is a low-budget alternative to our fuckable bean bag chair. You might want to try this design if you don’t want to buy a bean bag chair to fuck, or don’t want to cut your bean bag chair up. This toy is also very quick and easy to make, since it requires only scissors and duct tape for assembly.

The materials you’ll need are:

  • A rubber or nitrile glove
  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Duct tape
  • Scissors
  • A large (30 gallon) heavy-duty trash bag (the new “stretchy” kind works best)
  • Styrofoam packing peanuts (enough to fill the trash bag)


The artificial vagina unit for this project is basically the same as that used in the bean bag chair, minus the Velcro. Remove TP from the toilet paper roll until it’s the right size for the glove cuff to fit over it snugly. Reinforce the TP roll with vertical layers of duct tape, insert the fingers through the hole, turn the cuff inside out and pull down the outside of the roll.

Cut an X in the center of one side of the trash bag, making it just large enough for the TP roll to fit through.

Turn the bag inside out and insert the glove/TP roll unit fingers first from the other side. Make sure the triangular flaps are all folded inward so they encircle the TP roll evenly. Secure each flap with a small piece of duct tape, then wrap tape all the way around the cylinder to tape all the tabs down. Make sure the tape overlaps some onto the glove cuff.

Turn the bag right side out and fill with Styrofoam peanuts. You can “shape” it if you want by stretching out the bag in places to form “breasts”, or insert small pillows or balls as breasts in addition to the Styrofoam pellets. Pack the filling in tightly and tie the bag off at the top.


Fleshlight3 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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 Satan Orgasm face
 ”Satan orgasm” is the hardest of them all to achieve, but once it has been achieved all other orgasms do not compare.

My collection of the weirdest, most embarrassing, freaky orgasm faces I found on adult websites and pornos.  Yes, freak orgasms do happen. In pornos and of course in real life! If you are unlucky enough then it will be captured and used as gifs, pictures or video. We all have freaky orgasm faces one day or another and well sometimes they will end up on someone’s awesome blog (yes you guessed it, mine!)  I know because I’ve been through the freak face phase myself. Like I mentioned in a past article, I spent many hours in front of the mirror practicing because I realized that a hot and sexy orgasm face will get your partner even more excited and horny. This experienced I gained by practicing came in real handy when I started doing free webcam shows. I could give the person at the other end of his webcam a hell of a show because I know I looked good, it made me feel good about myself and confident which changes everything when you are trying to turn someone on.

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 Huge unicorn dick orgasm
The “Huge unicorn dick orgasm” is the ultimate in orgasms.  It can only be achieved by sexual relationships with a unicorn man and his magical horn. Warning: May cause extreme magical dependency.
 Will orgasm for food
”Will orgasm for food” is the i don’t care who it is as long as its good orgasm.
 Fuck me tender orgasm
”Fuck me tender orgasm” is achieved when two people fuck until they can’t fuck no more and orgasm out of exhaustion.  Warning : May experience intense burning for hours maybe even days,
 possessed orgasm
A ”possessed orgasm” is when the spirit of sex takes over your body and soul for the time of the orgasm. Very hard to come out of this orgasm. Warning: Can last for hours. ( you can probably find one of these on deviantclip or punishtube!)
 Oh bloody hell orgasm
”Oh bloody hell orgasm” is achieved when cum shot is sent to head with frightening speed. Warning : May cause inflation of the lips
 Omg orgasm
An ”Omg orgasm” is an orgasm due to irregular upward shape of a partners sex organ urging you to yell in ultimate pleasure.
 What is that orgasm
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 Omg wrong hole orgasm
The ” Omg wrong hole orgasm” This orgasm face is achieved when the partner is behind and accidently drives his stick into the wrong hole. Warning : May cause addiction to anal sex.
 I’m going to get you orgasm
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 Please don’t hurt me orgasm
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Dick Or Clit

Is This The Worst Joke Ever? (Dick or Clit)

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“Dick or Clit”

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Aubrey Kate
Let’s start with Aubrey Kate, long blonde hair,a doe’s eyes, small nose, sensuous lipsand natural looking breasts.However, what about those hands?Are they masculine?

I wouldn’t bet my last dollar on it.

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Dick or a Clit below the waist.

Blonde Camgirls
Anastasia has unkempt hair, a wide face,and fairly masculine nose.Her general look is a bit weirdand I’d be inclined to think that she’s a “he”,but I wouldn’t bet my balls on it.

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Ebony Camgirls
Ingrid has a very unusual faceand I am almost sure that she is a “he”.I mean look at her eyes,her hands and general appearanceand you sure will have as many doubts as I have.

However, there’s no Adam’s apple,

and her shoulders seem pretty slim for a boy,

so I wouldn’t risk much on my impression

that she’s not what she seems to be.

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Trans m2f
Naila is a young an attractive ebony chickwith round perky and super firm.She has a woman’s pulpy lips,small nose and narrow shoulders.A genuine black beauty!

Nevertheless, I have my doubts

and wouldn’t put my head on the block

that she was born with a slit.

What’s your impression?

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Petite Black m2f
Vesta is another black beautywith her hair very well done, a nice smile,sweet features and perky young titswith large erect nipples.I’d swear that she is definitely a very feminine woman

and I am almost sure of it.

Don’t you think I’m right?

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Fake Top to Bottom Amy Anderssen
Amy is one of those cases in which nothing is clear;at first sight, one is sure that she is a man.But, after a closer lookone starts to believe that she’s indeed a woman.These huge boobs seem to be impossible

on a man’s chest and her whole body is so slim.

However her face in general looks a little bit manly

and no woman has this type of facial features.

I’m really puzzled! Well, let’s find out now,

Mouse over the image and find out if Amy is a Dick or a Clit.

Thai Webcams
Martha seems to be one of the easiest one to spot.I mean she has such a boyish faceand take a look at that wide nose,combined with strong teeth and obviously fake lashes.Come on boys, that is definitely a man,

or maybe it’s not? She has very skinny arms,

narrow shoulders, no apparent Adam’s apple

and the fact that she’s fairly flat-chested

doesn’t mean a thing. A lot of real females have tiny tits.

A pretty hard one to bet on, I’d say.

Let’s find out !

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Asian TS Webcams
Mina is a classic Asian chick.She has straight hair, black eyesand the features of a genuine oriental chickwith tiny frame.Nevertheless, nowadays one can never be a 100% sure.

Am I just getting to suspicious,

or is there a tiny shade of a mustache

above her upper lip?


I am not sure if that is enough of a hint to doubt her femininity,

but I’ve been wrong so often at this game that I wouldn’t take a bet with this one.

What do you think?

Find out the truth with your mouse over the photo and see if there’s a Dick or a Clit awaiting you.

With the last examples I am not sure of anything are you?

Ariel Striptease Free Video
Ariel looks like a very sweet young girl.Dreamy mellow eyes and delicate featuresmake her appear as a barely legal teen chick.However,there’s a slightly masculine appearance to her jawline

and her shoulders look a bit square

for a barely nubile female.

Besides, isn’t there a hint of an Adam’s apple

and too flat a chest?

That’s a real hard one to guess

and the only way to be sure is to

Mouse over the photo and find out if there’s a Dick or a Clit below her waist.

RedHead TS Webcams
Nancy is one of those gorgeous womenwho turn a lot of red-blooded males’ heads.Flaming red hair, wide blue eyes and full breastswould make me swear she’s a 100% female.However, on second looks,

I find the mouth and cheeks have a boyish look

and the shoulders are a bit too square.

So, I can’t really decide on this one. What would you say?


To find out if you’re right, Roll over the picture to see if it is a Dick or a Clit.



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Latina TS Webcams
Lorena is a mixed-race babe with the thick hipsthat are one of those stereotypes that many of ushave about mixed-blood women.However, the tits don’t seem quite rightand the whole body appears too thick

even if the face is quite feminine

with its small nose, wide dark eyes and luscious mouth.

What’s your guess?

Dick or a Clit?

Find the truth by clicking on the photo.

Addison Rose Profile
Adison Rose is one of those womenthat have a very cheeky attitude and provocative eyes.Nice tits and narrow chin are very feminine,but shoulders seem a little square and wristsmaybe a little too thick for a chick.

May be the nose is a little big for a girl,

but the whole aura feels feminine to me also.

What would you put your money on: Dick or a Clit?

Find out by clicking on the picture..

The Punisher Fucks A Hot Latin Slut
You’d swear that Daniela isan astounding intense Italian womanwith her raven hair and stunning facial feature.She has the sloping narrow shoulders of the fair sexand nice full breasts.

The question is: is that beak of a nose a racial feature

or an indication that Daniela is a he?

The pulpy sensuous mouth can’t make me decide

one way or the other.

Can you? Dick or a Clit

See if you’re right by clicking on the image.

Ladyboy Asia Soapy Massage
Doesn’t Shizuko appear like the perfect Asian dollto your eyes. Delicate features dark eyesand long black air.As well as small perky tits are the characteristicsmost of us love in oriental cuties.


I think that this chick maybe has bit of a virile way

to hold her head and stare at the camera.

Or is it the proportionately too wide shoulders.

Anyhow, I hesitate between Dick or a Clit. Let’s make sure by clicking on the photo

Black Hair Tranny Webcams
BaileyJay’s appetizing cleavageand her face’s fine features framed by her raven hairare strikingly beautiful and delicate.Her immense dark eyes are ravishingand she could easily be considered

as having all the criterions of feminine beauty.

Why is there a doubt in my mind?

I can’t point out what troubles me.


Can you? Are you sure it’s a clit and not a dick hiding below the waist.

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Blonde TS Webcams
Milla has long blond hairand a nice pair of big boobs with large yummy nipples.She has a scorcher’s look in her blue eyesand luscious pulpy lips. The epitome of femininity!But, wait a minute! Her shoulders are too wide

and muscular and there’s something in her face

that rings a bell and tells me she might well be a “he”.

What do you think?

Dick or a Clit ?

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Crystal And Her Huge Rack
With such a mammoth set of boobs,who would doubt that Crystal is a 100% female?Her long blond hair, saucer-sized nipplesand sensuous mouth can belong only to a gal.Are you sure of that? Look at how wide is her torso

and how square her shoulders.

Don’t you think that jaw has a masculine outline?

Would you bet a 100$ that it’s a clit and not a dick.

Dick or a Clit ?

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Ariel Striptease Free Video
With her long reddish-brown hairand the fiery look in her dark hairJessWest looks like a femme fatale.However, little things in her postureand the general way in which she holds her body

make me doubt that she’s really a “she”.

Dick or a Clit ?

Think about it, decide if it’s a clit or a dick

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Nasty Shemale Being Shagged In The Ass
Bruna’s naughty look, luscious lips, long raven hair,added to her nice round breast and tiny nosemake her look like a saucy chick.However, don’t you think that her hands are too bigand her fingers slightly too thick to look feminine?

Maybe the ribbon around her neck

hides an Adam’s apple….

Dick or a Clit ?


What would be your own guess on whether it’s a clit or a dick hiding in her pants?

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