The ABSOLUTE Best Live Webcam STARS on SlutRoulette

We’ve all endlessly browsed hot webcam girls searching for that perfect, special someone who can really grab our attention. Not just a hotty who we can beat off to, but someone who also grabs our emotions, makes us feel happy and excited. Someone who shoots life into our heart and perks us up from the endless browsing.

Im not sure im making myself clear but let me explain…they’re a rare bunch indeed but they do exist. I’m talking about girls who go above and beyond to be the best webcam girl they can be, Alot of webcam chicks just kind of turn on the cam, throw on some sexy clothes and sit around chatting with their customers, which is fine but it doesn’t make them stars.

The girls listed below are WEBCAM STARS, the ones who, once you get in their stream you know you found something special,  you get excited from their energy and enthusiasm on cam and of course can totally fap to them because they’re hot as hell. Girls who have got the full package and overshadow the rest, the 1% of webcam models… Let’s check em out!

1 – Saphira_Knight

Sphira Knight rules. For one, she has the whole punk rock webcam babe thing going on which is nice, and refreshing. You don’t see a lot of girls like her streaming themselves so she gets points just for that alone.

She seems like a cool chick, she’s got the tattoos, likes the Misfits and plays guitar (im guessing the guitar in the background isn’t just for show). But what accentuates her uniqueness is the fact that she doesn’t just rely on her good looks.

She’s an energetic webcam babe. She’s gets up out of her seat, dances around and ACTUALLY puts on a show. She’s pretty talkative too, this pic below is her chatting with me. You can also tell she isn’t an idiot. Look at her eyes, she’s thinking about the conversation rather than just saying random “sexy things”. She’s a real lioness and 100% worthy of checking out.

A little bio on her, she’s from the US and is 21 years old. She likes anal and roleplay too, so yeah, not afraid to open up her sacred holes for you if you decide to enter a private chat with her.

Here’s a better picture of her shaking her ass around (hence why her ass is blurry) but hey, it at least gives you a glimpse of her sweet webcam booty.


EmilyCash is an absolute bombshell. Yes, she’s super hot but that isn’t what makes her special. There are a ton of hot webcam babes on SlutRoulette. What makes EmilyCash so special is her attitude and energy.

Like with anything in life, if you want to be successful and you want to make an impression, you better have a good attitude and bring a lot of energy to the table. EmilyCash is all about the energy.

I’m, not sure if she was hopped up on amphetamines, energy drinks or is just naturally energetic but damn was she every fun to hang out with. She puts on a show,constantly dancing around, making odd, yet sexy facial expressions and very engaging in the live chat. EmilyCash is a star, and you can chat with her yourself by checking out her SlutRoulette chanel below.

Here’s a terrible quality photo from when she was dancing around. It’s blurry because of the movement but the blur actually is what captures her energy. You have to love this girl.


This webcam star is a little different from the rest in that she doesn’t express her stardom through intense energy like the others but rather through her intense communication skills. By communication skills I don’t just mean verbal, i’m talking verbal, emotional and body language. There’s just something about her and i can’t peg exactly what that something is but she’s a true seductress beyond the level of just being hot and chatting with you.

She’s mysterious, has a purity in her confidence that you can just feel. She’s not over the top sexual either, she’s subtle, she leads you on through her surface level appearance and interactions to let you know she’s fiery, without explicitly showing that fire. It’s an art form and FlameJade has mastered it.

Aside from the fact that she’s a true seductress, a little about her personality and physical features…she has pieced nipples and is clearly a hot nerd webcam model. This time around she was sporting her “GAME OVER” shirt, she’s got a freaking Transformers tattoo across her chest and Star Wars posters and leg tattoos. So in that regard, she’s a true nerd.

Who else would tattoo Star Wars stuff on themselves? As for her body type, she’s petite. I wasn’t able to get a shot of her but i did witness her tiny body and it was hot as hell. If you want to see it for yourself then hit up her SlutRoulette channel by following the link below.


4th on the list we have SquirtMia. She’s an up and coming star, but she’s not quite there yet. Unfortunately it’s difficult to find true webcam stars so slightly gradated under the stars above is this babe. She’s definitely at the babe level, she’s definitely hot and she definitely has her own unique form of webcam magic that she works. What prevents her from being at the star level is a slight lack of polish in her methods.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s talk about what makes her awesome. Her body is seamlessly perfect, tight, flawless and tanned. She’s got a smile that could break the fence around the Grinches heart and is very interactive with her customers. What does make her great is that she exposes her sexuality a little more than the others above by revealing herself. You can pretty well see her pussy, but not fully, and that’s where she shines. She doesn’t let it all out for everyone right away. In terms of energy, she’s got to step it up a bit, but does bring above average energy to the table as she shakes her tight ass with vibe exposed with a lot of energy.

It wasn’t easy finding 4 amazing webcam model stars. You really have to look if you want to find someone who’s willing to take their webcam shows to the next level. But, it was worth it because now you can enjoy the fruits of my labor and check out these absolute webcam stars anytime you feel like it. Be sure to check back for more awesome posts. We’re always looking to provide you with the best webcam girls on the internet! Let me know what you think about this list below, if you think you know of a better star or someone deserving to be on this list post her profile there.



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