Official Slutroulette Review

Official Slutroulette Professional Review

Slutroulette Webcam ChatLooking for a sex cam site that stands out from the crowd?

SlutRoulette isn’t your standard webcam site – it’s the older and very dirty big brother of the mainstream site ChatRoulette. Or Omegle.

You know, that web page where you randomly connect to a stranger’s webcam who is also exploring the site?

This time, instead of a silly teenager bouncing around in their bedroom to crappy music, you could possibly get a naked teenager bouncing around her room (to possibly crappy music – but really – naked 19 year old. Who’s going to care about the music?) displays random web cams from the free web cam site Slutroulette Live.


Slutroulette Webcam Chat Sexy Blonde Girl

The beauty of Slutroulette is that you don’t actually need to pay for anything, but there are many more options available to you if you do choose to sign up with their partner site, LiveFreeFun

How much does SlutRoulette cost?

Getting onto and watching the random feed shown is absolutely free.

Yes, absolutely free for real!

You don’t need to add your credit card, you don’t need to sign up to anything and you don’t need to verify any details for the first few minutes. I really like this model, as it lets me check out how the site works before giving away any of my information.

With this free view, you can watch the public feed from a number of webcam models on the site. If you want to chat in the rooms or watch the free feeds after a period of time, SlutRoulette will prompt you to verify your email address in order to keep watching the free fun.

Chat on Cute Girl Ready to SlutrouletteWhy is Slutroulette better than other web sites like LiveJasmin and Chaturbate?

Unlike LiveJasmin and Chaturbate, you’re getting a naughty look at real live amateurs streaming from their own homes and home studios on Slutroulette.

The models found on those other sites tend to be ‘studio’ models as well as professional adult performers who charge a high premium for their private shows. While there are professional performers on Slutroulette Live, their rates are in line with the other cam girls and cam guys on the site. It’s also a lot harder to navigate those larger sites, so you’re losing out on the ease of SlutRoulette and its partner LiveFreeFun.

Lastly, while sites like LiveJasmin and Chaturbate are quite popular, that means you’re competing with thousands of other viewers for the webcam model’s attention. Not ideal if you want some one on one attention without forking over hundreds of dollars!

Slutroulette Real Cam GirlIs Slutroulette a scam?

SlutRoulette is not a scam! You are in complete control over how much information you give out, how much money you spend on LiveFreeFun’s site,  how much time you want to enjoy it.

SlutRoulette in itself costs nothing and the models you are watching are real – not prerecorded videos. Even if you do choose to join the site and check out the wider options available, their payment system is completely pre-paid, sort of like a prepaid cell phone – you can only spend what you yourself have added onto the system.

Hot Ass POV Cam Girl on SlutrouletteIs Slutroulette easy to cancel?

Since there’s no payment information provided to SlutRoulette, there’s nothing to actually cancel.

(Well, I suppose that closing your web browser could be considered cancelling!)

 Slutroulette Webcam Chat Kiss Goodbye


If you do choose to join the site that SlutRoulette features – – they run on an entirely pre-paid system, so you don’t need to worry about cancelling any reoccurring payments.

 Slutroulette Webcam Chat Solo show


How much you spend is totally under your control


How is the customer support at Slutroulette?

Like I’ve mentioned before, since SlutRoulette itself doesn’t have any members, payments or customers, there’s not any ‘customer support’ in the traditional sense.

If you’ve joined up, they’ve covered the bases when it comes to being able to get in touch with a customer support staff member. You have access to a dedicated customer support email, as well as a selection of phone numbers depending on where you are in the world. There’s also a ‘Customer Support’ page where you can enter your details and questions into a form that gets emailed to the team for you.


Loving Lacie SlutrouletteWill my billing information remain private?

There’s no billing involved with SlutRoulette, as there’s no payments taken to view their free random web cam feeds.

If you’ve given your credit card or prepaid card details to so that you can enjoy the webcam shows broadcast there, they use encrypted communications when obtaining your credit card details from you, and when sending those details to your bank.

They don’t sell, trade, or give away your information to third parties.

They also remind users to never give away their information in the live chat rooms

– staff will never ask for those in a public place.

If you’re new to trying out web cams, or you just want something out of the ordinary to keep you entertained, the novelty of SlutRoulette and its ChatRoulette style of viewing is something that you certainly need to check out.

Solo Close up masturbation in front of her webcam on Slutroulette

Whether you’re just looking for some cheap fun or want to explore further into LiveFreeFun, SlutRoulette is a great jumping off point. You’ve not got much to lose other than time, so pop on over to SlutRoulette and check it out.