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Is Slutroulette Real?

Is Slutroulette Real?

A very common question popping up all over the web is : Yo dawg!  is Slutroulette for real?

It’s only natural to wonder if something as awesome as a site devoted to random people stripping live for each other could be real or as fake as wrestling.

Of course Slutroulette is real If you’ve visited or joined the site, it’s basically a no-brainer. The answer is :

Yes! it’s real.

Once upon a time, Chatroulette had an adult section where all the guys and girls who couldn’t keep their webcam feed under PG-13 were sent too.  There, all the exhibitionists could have a jolly ol’ time showing off their naughty bits.

All was well in the land of the Adult Chatroulette, until one day : it closed!

Apparently, politics overcame demand and the site wanted to clear up its image. All live cam nudists were expelled from the site. Many sought refuge in Chatroulette alternatives, but it just wasn’t the same as it used to be.

Five months ago, a group of developpers acquired and designed a cam-to-cam interface so people could chat live with amateur webcam models. The concept, although simple, instantly took off. People shared the site on every porn website they could find. Soon thousands of men and women we’re logging on each day to take part of the fun.

Are the girls on Slutroulette real?

Of course! They’re obviously not robots or figments of our imagination. The standard free user will be connected to a live girl from Live Free Fun where he (along with a few hundred other guys) can watch her put on a live cam show. The girls will go as far as having LIVE SEX for free!

If a user wants to interact with the girl, he will need to create a free profile. Some of the girls might ask for a few tips for special shows which is perfectly fine – I’d ask for money too if I were going to fist my ass live on cam too 😉

A quick tips about using Slutroulette

Slutroulette is great for finding random hot girls to chat live with, however, if you’re looking for something specific such as live couples or girls with big tits, then you may want to go straight to : it’s neatly organised! Here are a just a few categories you could look through :

The conclusion

After all is said and done, Slutroulette is the real deal. You want to see hot naked women masturbating live on cam? Now you know where to look. I hope I’ve answered your questions – if not, feel free to read the rest of my blog.