Babysitter Tia Tilton fucking a older guy

Pierced Naughty Tia Tilton

Tia Tilton Adult Supervision Required

Tia Tilton’s scene starts a bit on the weak side until about ten minutes into the scene where she starts to open up more. The first part of the scene included some pretty basic head with not a lot of excitement from her while giving it. When her partner went down on her, again she did not have much response, but when she started fucking, she opened up and showed more response and enjoyment. Tia, has some great tits with pierced nipples and a sweet pussy with a pierced clit.

“Don’t tell my dad, please don’t, I’ll do anything you’ll ask me to”

There were some great close ups of her in in cowgirl and grinding away while riding in that position. She also pounded away in reverse cowgirl with lots of sounds of excitement. Her scene wraps up with taking a facial, but did not have much response to it, kind of just took it on the face and that was it. Not a real strong scene, but certainly does have some good moments that make it worth watching.


Positions: Oral, Missionary, Cowgirl, Reverse Cowgirl, Spooning, Doggie, Facial

Audio & Video:

The audio was very strong, clear and consistent, with levels very well maintained.

Video is delivered with a nice consistency with some fantastic crisp, clear closeups that you will enjoy.

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