Zoey Paige & Jasmine Rain

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The guy participates to a threesome of hell with a pretty blonde (Zoey Paige) and pretty brunette (Jasmine Rain) before to spit his cum on them.

Zoey Paige & JAsmine Rain Zoey Paige & JAsmine RainZoey Paige & JAsmine Rain Zoey Paige & JAsmine Rain Zoey Paige & JAsmine Rain Zoey Paige & JAsmine Rain Zoey Paige & JAsmine Rain Zoey Paige & JAsmine Rain Zoey Paige & JAsmine Rain Zoey Paige & JAsmine Rain Zoey Paige & JAsmine Rain Zoey Paige & JAsmine Rain

What is better than a horny cock loving whore?, yes two whores of the same kind the best thing is that I have everything on tape this is the story: so we started talking outside of a bar, then she sends me a pic of her naked self and she’s has one of those tight, fit bodies this is the tiny brunnete, after a while she lets me know she was a blonde friend, I invite them to come over because they said they are interested in porn.

This the first time we’ve talked in person ever. I’m nervous, they are  nervous but we click just like we have known each other forever, its time to get down to business; I help them to take their dress off and they are  completely naked right in front of me, instaboner!! they help me to take my shorts, shirt and boxers off and we just start kissing and grinding. I have never kissed two  girls at the same time, but I guess there is always a first time. We kissed and grinded for 30 minutes and then is Fuck time,  I’ve never been a big kisser specially with such a sluts but they insist in keep kissing, whatever to get the shots I want to show you.

So then they start jerking me off, and I kinda go from kissing them to sucking and bitting their tits, neck and asses. We’re all tinier framed, athletic and relatively flexible so it quickly goes from just missionary to me pretty much lifting their legs up in every position, sometimes wide sometimes closed, sometimes all the way up over her head, sometimes more down. And side ways. And I’m just able to pound balls deep into each one of them. My balls slapping against her ass cheeks are just as loud as she was moaning, which was pretty damn loud.

Melissa-Lauren-French Pastry Chef

Melissa Lauren

Melissa-Lauren was a French Pastry Chef

Melissa Lauren, a French Pastry Chef for 3 years became a Porn director, then a Camgirl !

How have you changed from working in this industry?

“I’m totally different. My personality has stayed the same, but sexually I’ve changed a lot. I learned how to suck cocks from movies

Gif from a sex scene with Melissa Lauren

Melissa measurements were 34B-23-33 (Natural) and are now 34D-23-33 (Augmented)

Her Cam Shows : Sit back, Relax, and Enjoy ! If you like to direct and have a more hand-on experience, take her exclusive. she offer high quality video and orgasms, always!



Here’s one of her stunning performance:

Melissa Lauren Taking A Cooking Ass Fucking Lesson

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