Santa’s Horny Teens’ list: Naughty or Nice

Ever want to play Santa with Hot Chicks ?

HotFlBabe Christmas Naughty

See these images and decide if they are “Good Girls or Naughty Girls” and mouve over them to see the truth:


Anal Sex Camgirls

Caprice Personal Webcam Naughty or Nice

College Girls Camgirls

Cute Babes Camgirls

Lolli Personal Webcam

Emo Naked Amateur Video

Renna Ryan Personal Webcam
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AmyFicher Slutroulette Webcam

Is Slutroulette Real?

Is Slutroulette Real?

A very common question popping up all over the web is : Yo dawg!  is Slutroulette for real?

It’s only natural to wonder if something as awesome as a site devoted to random people stripping live for each other could be real or as fake as wrestling.

Of course Slutroulette is real If you’ve visited or joined the site, it’s basically a no-brainer. The answer is :

Yes! it’s real.

Once upon a time, Chatroulette had an adult section where all the guys and girls who couldn’t keep their webcam feed under PG-13 were sent too.  There, all the exhibitionists could have a jolly ol’ time showing off their naughty bits.

All was well in the land of the Adult Chatroulette, until one day : it closed!

Apparently, politics overcame demand and the site wanted to clear up its image. All live cam nudists were expelled from the site. Many sought refuge in Chatroulette alternatives, but it just wasn’t the same as it used to be.

Five months ago, a group of developpers acquired and designed a cam-to-cam interface so people could chat live with amateur webcam models. The concept, although simple, instantly took off. People shared the site on every porn website they could find. Soon thousands of men and women we’re logging on each day to take part of the fun.

Are the girls on Slutroulette real?

Of course! They’re obviously not robots or figments of our imagination. The standard free user will be connected to a live girl from Live Free Fun where he (along with a few hundred other guys) can watch her put on a live cam show. The girls will go as far as having LIVE SEX for free!

If a user wants to interact with the girl, he will need to create a free profile. Some of the girls might ask for a few tips for special shows which is perfectly fine – I’d ask for money too if I were going to fist my ass live on cam too 😉

A quick tips about using Slutroulette

Slutroulette is great for finding random hot girls to chat live with, however, if you’re looking for something specific such as live couples or girls with big tits, then you may want to go straight to : it’s neatly organised! Here are a just a few categories you could look through :

The conclusion

After all is said and done, Slutroulette is the real deal. You want to see hot naked women masturbating live on cam? Now you know where to look. I hope I’ve answered your questions – if not, feel free to read the rest of my blog.

Dick Or Clit

Is This The Worst Joke Ever? (Dick or Clit)

JaneMarie Hot Shemale

Chat for Free Cam 2 Cam with Real Shemales Now !

“Dick or Clit”

Mouse over them to see the truth:

Aubrey Kate
Let’s start with Aubrey Kate, long blonde hair,a doe’s eyes, small nose, sensuous lipsand natural looking breasts.However, what about those hands?Are they masculine?

I wouldn’t bet my last dollar on it.

Would you?

Mouse over the picture and discover if there’s a

Dick or a Clit below the waist.

Blonde Camgirls
Anastasia has unkempt hair, a wide face,and fairly masculine nose.Her general look is a bit weirdand I’d be inclined to think that she’s a “he”,but I wouldn’t bet my balls on it.

Would you bet yours?

If so, make your bet and click on the photo to discover

if you’d be a eunuch if the bet had been for real!

Dick or a Clit ?

Ebony Camgirls
Ingrid has a very unusual faceand I am almost sure that she is a “he”.I mean look at her eyes,her hands and general appearanceand you sure will have as many doubts as I have.

However, there’s no Adam’s apple,

and her shoulders seem pretty slim for a boy,

so I wouldn’t risk much on my impression

that she’s not what she seems to be.

What do you think, is it a Dick or a Clit? Mouse over the picture and find out how clear-sighted you are!

Trans m2f
Naila is a young an attractive ebony chickwith round perky and super firm.She has a woman’s pulpy lips,small nose and narrow shoulders.A genuine black beauty!

Nevertheless, I have my doubts

and wouldn’t put my head on the block

that she was born with a slit.

What’s your impression?

Mouse over the photo and find out if you’re right about her having a Dick or a Clit.

Petite Black m2f
Vesta is another black beautywith her hair very well done, a nice smile,sweet features and perky young titswith large erect nipples.I’d swear that she is definitely a very feminine woman

and I am almost sure of it.

Don’t you think I’m right?

Well, find out by clicking on the photo

and discover if what she has to offer is a Dick or a Clit.

Fake Top to Bottom Amy Anderssen
Amy is one of those cases in which nothing is clear;at first sight, one is sure that she is a man.But, after a closer lookone starts to believe that she’s indeed a woman.These huge boobs seem to be impossible

on a man’s chest and her whole body is so slim.

However her face in general looks a little bit manly

and no woman has this type of facial features.

I’m really puzzled! Well, let’s find out now,

Mouse over the image and find out if Amy is a Dick or a Clit.

Thai Webcams
Martha seems to be one of the easiest one to spot.I mean she has such a boyish faceand take a look at that wide nose,combined with strong teeth and obviously fake lashes.Come on boys, that is definitely a man,

or maybe it’s not? She has very skinny arms,

narrow shoulders, no apparent Adam’s apple

and the fact that she’s fairly flat-chested

doesn’t mean a thing. A lot of real females have tiny tits.

A pretty hard one to bet on, I’d say.

Let’s find out !

Mouse over the picture to see if there’s a Dick or a Clit between the thighs.

Asian TS Webcams
Mina is a classic Asian chick.She has straight hair, black eyesand the features of a genuine oriental chickwith tiny frame.Nevertheless, nowadays one can never be a 100% sure.

Am I just getting to suspicious,

or is there a tiny shade of a mustache

above her upper lip?


I am not sure if that is enough of a hint to doubt her femininity,

but I’ve been wrong so often at this game that I wouldn’t take a bet with this one.

What do you think?

Find out the truth with your mouse over the photo and see if there’s a Dick or a Clit awaiting you.

With the last examples I am not sure of anything are you?

Ariel Striptease Free Video
Ariel looks like a very sweet young girl.Dreamy mellow eyes and delicate featuresmake her appear as a barely legal teen chick.However,there’s a slightly masculine appearance to her jawline

and her shoulders look a bit square

for a barely nubile female.

Besides, isn’t there a hint of an Adam’s apple

and too flat a chest?

That’s a real hard one to guess

and the only way to be sure is to

Mouse over the photo and find out if there’s a Dick or a Clit below her waist.

RedHead TS Webcams
Nancy is one of those gorgeous womenwho turn a lot of red-blooded males’ heads.Flaming red hair, wide blue eyes and full breastswould make me swear she’s a 100% female.However, on second looks,

I find the mouth and cheeks have a boyish look

and the shoulders are a bit too square.

So, I can’t really decide on this one. What would you say?


To find out if you’re right, Roll over the picture to see if it is a Dick or a Clit.



How many did you guess right?Now is the moment to share this with your friend

and realize who is really good deciding if she has a Dick or a Clit

Plus, Get more Dick or a Clit to guess below:

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Latina TS Webcams
Lorena is a mixed-race babe with the thick hipsthat are one of those stereotypes that many of ushave about mixed-blood women.However, the tits don’t seem quite rightand the whole body appears too thick

even if the face is quite feminine

with its small nose, wide dark eyes and luscious mouth.

What’s your guess?

Dick or a Clit?

Find the truth by clicking on the photo.

Addison Rose Profile
Adison Rose is one of those womenthat have a very cheeky attitude and provocative eyes.Nice tits and narrow chin are very feminine,but shoulders seem a little square and wristsmaybe a little too thick for a chick.

May be the nose is a little big for a girl,

but the whole aura feels feminine to me also.

What would you put your money on: Dick or a Clit?

Find out by clicking on the picture..

The Punisher Fucks A Hot Latin Slut
You’d swear that Daniela isan astounding intense Italian womanwith her raven hair and stunning facial feature.She has the sloping narrow shoulders of the fair sexand nice full breasts.

The question is: is that beak of a nose a racial feature

or an indication that Daniela is a he?

The pulpy sensuous mouth can’t make me decide

one way or the other.

Can you? Dick or a Clit

See if you’re right by clicking on the image.

Ladyboy Asia Soapy Massage
Doesn’t Shizuko appear like the perfect Asian dollto your eyes. Delicate features dark eyesand long black air.As well as small perky tits are the characteristicsmost of us love in oriental cuties.


I think that this chick maybe has bit of a virile way

to hold her head and stare at the camera.

Or is it the proportionately too wide shoulders.

Anyhow, I hesitate between Dick or a Clit. Let’s make sure by clicking on the photo

Black Hair Tranny Webcams
BaileyJay’s appetizing cleavageand her face’s fine features framed by her raven hairare strikingly beautiful and delicate.Her immense dark eyes are ravishingand she could easily be considered

as having all the criterions of feminine beauty.

Why is there a doubt in my mind?

I can’t point out what troubles me.


Can you? Are you sure it’s a clit and not a dick hiding below the waist.

Dick or a Clit? Find out if you’re right by clicking on her picture.

Blonde TS Webcams
Milla has long blond hairand a nice pair of big boobs with large yummy nipples.She has a scorcher’s look in her blue eyesand luscious pulpy lips. The epitome of femininity!But, wait a minute! Her shoulders are too wide

and muscular and there’s something in her face

that rings a bell and tells me she might well be a “he”.

What do you think?

Dick or a Clit ?

Find the truth by clicking on the photo.

Crystal And Her Huge Rack
With such a mammoth set of boobs,who would doubt that Crystal is a 100% female?Her long blond hair, saucer-sized nipplesand sensuous mouth can belong only to a gal.Are you sure of that? Look at how wide is her torso

and how square her shoulders.

Don’t you think that jaw has a masculine outline?

Would you bet a 100$ that it’s a clit and not a dick.

Dick or a Clit ?

See if you win your bet by clicking on the picture.

Ariel Striptease Free Video
With her long reddish-brown hairand the fiery look in her dark hairJessWest looks like a femme fatale.However, little things in her postureand the general way in which she holds her body

make me doubt that she’s really a “she”.

Dick or a Clit ?

Think about it, decide if it’s a clit or a dick

and check if you’re right by clicking on the image.

Nasty Shemale Being Shagged In The Ass
Bruna’s naughty look, luscious lips, long raven hair,added to her nice round breast and tiny nosemake her look like a saucy chick.However, don’t you think that her hands are too bigand her fingers slightly too thick to look feminine?

Maybe the ribbon around her neck

hides an Adam’s apple….

Dick or a Clit ?


What would be your own guess on whether it’s a clit or a dick hiding in her pants?

The answer needs your mouse over the photo!

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the more you share the more games we will create !

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Nude Girl crying on her bed

Web cam girls – They have feelings too

So I accidently caught this sweet girl camming on a webcam chatfree website I’ve already talked about before called LiveFreeFun. I was just lurking around looking for some cute girl to random chat with and when I saw a girls (anonymous) profile picture I thought I should go into her chatroom and see what this hot girl looked like on live cam.Nakita_Lynn

Much to my surprise it was not at all what I had expected. At first when I got there I wasn’t so sure if she was drunk or just acting. I immediately decided to screen shot her live cam thinking that maybe I could talk about hot cam girls and the fact that they are real people just like you and me on my blog. (so here I am) Cam girls do have feelings and maybe they should not be sharing them on webcam but I guess for some girls its the only place they can share these types of emotions. Some people think down on us cam girls and say that we don’t care and that we are just in it for the money…Well this is proof that we do care. That things affect us too and that we dont just do it for cash.

Sometimes you have the fakers who pretend to be upset or throw a fit or cry, but sometimes you are totally taken aback by a girl who exhudes real emotion. Sometimes you might just walk into a chat roomexpecting a sublime model dancing and showing her ass… but sometimes (it happens, this is proof) you might just come across a hot girl throwing a fit or crying her eyes out over something you do not seem to understand. Just like the webcam girl in this video.

Nakita_Lynn BreakDownCorrect me if I’m wrong but in this video the cam girl seems to be really upset over the fact that one of her good clients on her online chatprofile seems to have got caught by hurricane Sandy. She keeps crying over the fact that its not fair that something so horrible has happened to him. My question is, if he has lost his home, his power, and his family is in trouble…then why the is he spending time still chatting with her? I guess if something like that would happen to me I would definitely not be camming or watching cam girls, my priorities would be getting my things back in order. Anyways what-ever the reason it really seems to be affecting her emotionally. Maybe next time she feels the tears coming on she should turn off her webcam chat, get some tissues and get a real hug from a real person 🙂 What do you think?

Source: Stolen From Webcam


Sherri_Moon Capture

How To Record Slutroulette Free And Easy

Amy Ficher ScreenshotSo you want to record video of your Slutroulette adventures, well you’ve come to the right place, it’s not as hard as you may think.

Below is a simple guide on how to record Slutroulette , best of all it’s free and easy.
How To Record Slutroulette
First you’ll want to download a free piece of software called CamStudio, after that install it, open it and you’re ready to record.
First make sure to check that region is checked in the region menu, hit record and drag a box around the area you want to record, in this case probably the Slutroulette video window.
When you’re ready to stop recording, click the stop button, name and save it and your newly recorded video will begin to play and that’s it, you’re done.
Things to note
As with most screen recording software the resulting video files can be huge so it may pay to look at some settings tutorials on youtube, there are plenty of configurations to set, in the end it’s all about personal choice.

Here’s an example I did with Snag It with a sweet cam model on LiveFreeFun

topless and chihuahua

Cam Girls Problems

Here I put a recap of some gems found over the chats placed on different cam girls free video chat websites, like on Live Free Fun for example, some funny, some facepalms. From the girls and from theirs viewers, Enjoy !

Spreading pussy on webcam

“what club do you dance at bb?”
“Are you in school?”
Do you have a dildo that looks exactly like my cock?
Fingering yourself while getting your period
“Do you have a real job?/ what do you do besides this?”
It’s slow today on Easter Sunday. Jesus stop cockblocking me.
i have to work for 4 hours today
Charlie Sheen doesn’t watch webcam shows
I begged for money on Chipin all week. Why aren’t bills paid yet?
I look bored and hate my job. Why won’t anyone spend on me?
My electricity bill went up since I got my Hitachi
Regulars think I actually care about them
palpay account was hacked on the weekend
no one bought me anything off my wishlist this week
i just trolled my own chatroom out of bordeom
Can these popular girls sign off already so I can make some money?
do you do father/daughter roleplay in private?
“Why are you not in the top 20 bb?” Because all you cheap asses don’t tip me.
a typical difficult slow Sunday we are 10K tokens away from top 20.” AKA I probably made 15k this month.
“Why is no one tipping you?”- guy who never tips you.
The highest earning girl makes the yearly salary of a school teacher in a month 
I can’t cry on queue for pity tips
I tried to watch the popular girls to see what I can do differently but apparently they don’t do anything.
My best regular canceled his account. Who’s going to pay my rent now?
Nobody told me that raffling Ipods for tokens was part of webcamming
The ugliest girl on my site is the top earner
members tell me i’m too pretty.
last day of the pay period
My top team of ferrets are trying to solve the tipping issue. Hoping I can get back to taking your money ASAP
“flash me a nipple then i go private bb”
i forgot to cut my tampon string
I’m actually horny for once and no one wants a private show from me
one of my regulars is worried about me because i haven’t begged for donations for chipin in almost 24 hours
i make 7k a month working part time, wait why is my cam such shitty quality again?
this lotion doesn’t look like realistic cum
my boyfriend thinks i’m cheating because there are always cum stains on my sheets
one of my regulars figured out i was using the bended finger trick to pretend to finger my butthole
all my friends are leaving MFC for @skinvideo . what should i do?
i only averaged $50 an hour today
I cam because I like it. Not because I need the money now that my agent dropped me. Seriously.
do you want to see my cock bb?
i raffle off random electronics in my house that i don’t want anymore for tokens
this lube is giving me yeast infections
the raydolls think they’re classy
“what do you do for a living?”
“i remember you from highschool”
i make more money in 3 hours than you make in a week but please buy me this $7 dvd off my wishlistlatina topless Webcam
my little brother just got his first laptop
my boyfriend is pissed that my hitachi gets me off more than him
I’m lowering my prices aka I’m broke
I’m zooming in on my vagina so you can’t see me texting my boyfriend with my other hand while I masturbate
“Are you wet?”
I can’t buy a show today because my wallet was stolen
He ended our private show because I didn’t start fucking my unlubricated vagina 30 seconds in
Stop telling me to cum I’m waiting to fake it right before your credits run out
I don’t fist my butthole in free chat
Asian Pornstar and dick fest

How to act like a pornstar for your men

LiveFreeFun Pornstar
First of all, Remember to enjoy every moments throught those propositions, go ahead with the ones you feel free to explore, and you’ll both reach climax !
1) Arch your back. In doggy, when you’re on your side and he’s in mish position, whenever possible. For some reason, men find women’s arched backs sexier. I think because it accentuates your curves. Also, in doggy, look back at him and let him see your face and how good he’s making you feel.
2) Tell him you want to see the penetration, and actually watch it. Let it turn you on. It turns him on knowing that you want to watch his dick slide into you. A good position for this is when you’re on top, but instead of your knees being on the bed, kind of squat and lean back so that you’re more “scooting” onto his dick than grinding on it or bouncing on it. Gives him a great visual and you can look down and see him and the action as well.
3) Tell HIM when you want to change positions or when you want him to eat your pussy or slap your ass or something. Taking the initiative and being confident in telling him what you want is a turn on.
4) Buy sexy lingerie and surprise him by wearing it when he’s not really expecting it. Also wear heels and make up. While wearing said lingerie, bring him a beer or make him a sandwich or some such stupid house-wifely shit. And leave the heels on during sex. Hell, leave some of the lingerie on too and just pull things down or to the side so he can have access to the goodie bits.
5) While he’s fucking you, hold on to his leg or back or head (if he’s eating you out). Pull him into you when you’re feeling it, dig your nails into him if he’s getting a good spot, etc. Buck your hips a bit, especially in doggy or some other position where you have a modicum of control. It shows your enthusiasm and how hungry you are for him.
6) Send him a text message in the middle of the day about how much you want to suck his dick. Be graphic and specific, talk about what your lips look like when they’re wrapped around him, mention your eyes looking up at him with a particular emotion/thought in them, etc. Also send him messages about how much you liked when he did such-and-such a thing, and tell him what you want him to do next time. It’s a good way to communicate about your wants/desires in a sexy and non-threatening/awkward way.
7) When you’re giving him a blow job with you on your knees and him standing (or sitting at the edge of the bed or chair), look up at him like a) you’ve never seen a dick as big as his before and it kind of scares you in a sexy/excited kind of way b) like you’re starving and his cock is the best meal of your life or c) that you’re the most bad-assiest chick on the face of the planet and you’re going to rock his world.
hungarian pornstar Anal Scene8) Look up some stereotypical porn star modeling positions (check freeones maybe?) and practice them in the mirror so you know how they look with your body. Practice the standing up kind and ones you can do in/on the bed. After a bit of sexy talk and warming up in another room, get up boldly and tell him to meet you in the bedroom in 3-5 minutes (however long it will take you quickly change into lingerie and heals but not long enough that his boner/excitement goes down all the way), and when he opens the door, be in one of those positions. Whenever you change positions, somehow sneak some of these in if you can. A word to the wise–these girls have been posing like this for quite a while and it takes a bit of muscle memory and flexibility to get them right. Especially back arching while standing and looking back at him. Dont hurt yourself.
9) When he’s eating your pussy, dont just lay all the way down, close your eyes and face the ceiling. At least not all the time (sometimes you get lost in the moment and let yourself!). Instead, prop yourself up on your elbows, maybe hold onto your boobs (from the side so he can still see your nipples and you give yourself some cleavage) and play with your nipples or something while making eye contact with him. But again, probably do this when he first starts, but let yourself fall into a position that’s comfortable for you once it starts heating up. You aren’t just performing for him, you want to enjoy it too. And HE wants you to enjoy it also!
10) Profit. A word to the wise–dont do all of these things every time you have sex. Use them as spice, unless a point or two you really enjoy doing or doesn’t break your mojo. As you can see, these things are all about makinghim turned on, but sex is a two way street. You want to enjoy yourself too and not be doing all this work all the time. Plus, if you do these things every time you have sex, he’s going to expect it and be disappointed when you dont deliver or wonder what went wrong. If you add a bit of this as spice every so often, it keeps things interested and him wanting more and wondering what else you have up your sleeve.russian pornstar orgy

Pornstar threesome



And finally, you can always ask Bianca to give you and SHOW you some tips how she act like a pornstar for her man and for her fans

Kinky Frenchies

Moving to New York City baby ! And a new boobies job !

 Changes … and Boobs !

So there has been a few things that have changed in my life recently, I have given up bartending, well for now…. I am sure I will go back to it at some point maybe even do a few like special bartending gigs here and there just to get out and have fun slinging drinks again. As of now I am a full time cam girl!!! Yeah wow.. I have been doing it for a week now and I am on my second week of it and I absolutely love it! I am having so much fun getting dressed up in cute little things and being naughty for people to watch.  Anyways… have yall seen Pussy that is mine that is being sold in the BA Store!!! So I got to see it up close and man that looks so awesome.. I was like wow that is like my pussy… It’s so cool!! I want one just to have so I can finger blast it! Hahah!!!


and what is a blog without a pic of boobs in it….right???

Well here are my new boobs for y’all hope y’all like them as much as I do !!!


Kleio Topless

Webcam girl Kleio