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My First Toe Sucking Experience

Sexy topless toe suckingMy first toe sucking experience all began a few weeks ago when I met this gorgeous guy in my favourite coffee shop just around the corner from my house.

I walked in as usual to grab my non fat vanilla latte but this time there was a line up and a long one too.

Non Fat vanilla latte

There usually never is a line up, I hate lineups, I’m not very patient when it comes to waiting for what I want.

I must have let out a gigantic sigh because the guy in front of me turned around, looked down at me and offered to switch places with me.

I refused and he graciously stepped to the side and walked in behind me.

I told him it wasn’t necessary but he continued by saying he enjoyed the view from where he was now and wouldn’t hear of changing.

What a sweet guy I thought, and not only that but his magnificent seductive smile had all of a sudden melted away my frustrations and for some weird reason I didn’t mind waiting in line anymore.

I was actually hoping that some old lady in front of us might drop a handful of pennies on the counter, take her time counting and handing them over to the cashier.


We chitchatted a little while, there was some flirting involved and that was that.

My turn, I grabbed my latte, smiled at him, thanked him again and was off and to my surprise it seemed to be against my will.

As I walked out of the store and images of him and I getting naughty in the coffee shop bathroom were invading my mind and making me blush.

I wanted to stay, look into those beautiful green eyes and rub that cock until it exploded all over my face.

Facial porn

As I turned the corner I heard his voice and turned around.

He was smiling his million dollar smile and walking towards me.

I stood still and just blankly stared at him not knowing what to expect.

He came right up to me, grabbed me by the waist, bent down and kissed me hard.

I kissed him right back and we just stood there on the corner of a street having sex with our mouths.

When he finally pulled away, my whole body was shaking with desire.

We looked at each other and he finally said “Wanna take this somewhere a little more private?”

fucking in the street

Let's Fuck

Since I lived only a few houses away I gladly suggested my place, as I said I hate waiting for something I want and boy did I want that man.

We almost didn’t make it through the front door and I was panting like I had just run a marathon, I wanted him right then and there in the entrance.

He pulled my shirt off and I his.

We got naked in just about 4 seconds flat…our clothes hit the floor so fast it must have been a record or something.


Real Couple making out

After fucking in the entrance, the kitchen, dining room and finally living room I orgasmed so powerfully that I fell to my knees and there it was.

The most beautiful sight a woman has ever seen.



A cock made from gods.



The most exquisite cock I had ever seen and it had been the one to take me to ecstasy just seconds before.

My turn I thought.

I covered his rock hard cock with my mouth.

I wanted to hear him moan knowing I was the one bringing him that pleasure.


I sucked hard and licked that juicy perfection like never before and still no orgasm.

Maybe I was doing something wrong I thought… I looked up at him and he seemed to be enjoying but still I couldn’t make him cum for me.

I told him I had had an extraordinary orgasm and was ready to do anything to make him climax like I had just done.


Perly gates perfect dick


He asked me if I was up for anything.

I rapidly agreed excited at the thought of trying something new with this amazing piece of a man.

He suddenly pushed me onto the couch, tore off my heels, grabbed my foot and started sucking my toe...

WTF I was ready for anything but this?



This was definitely a first.

I had never in my life had had my toes sucked.

I didn’t know what to do or how to act and there he was on his knees in front of me masturbating frantically while sucking expertly each and everyone of my toes.

It was only a matter of minutes before he yelled out in complete orgasmic relief while I sat there dumb founded at what had just happened.


What do you say to a stranger sitting on your floor full of his and hers cum that has just had your toes in his mouth.


I just sat their staring at him.

He stood up, grabbed my hand and said

“Hey… I know that must have been weird for you if your a first timer but you’re just so damn gorgeous,

your feet are absolutely sublime and I was just so god damn aroused by you I had to do it in case you never wanted to see me again…

besides you said you wanted to try anything to make me cum and well feet are my thing.”


Cute guy sucking toes


My mind was racing.

It was my first toe sucking experience and it was weird but I kinda was aroused by it too, who wouldn’t be with this gorgeous man and perfect cock.

I didn’t know what to think.

All I could mutter out was “It’s not as bad as I thought” he smiled and said “Next time…if their is a next time…I hope their is a next time, we will do it your way.”

Then I said “How about now?” he cocked his head to one side and said

“Your desires are my command”

and with that I grabbed my remote control from the side table and shoved it up his ass…who’s the weirdo now bitch?


real sex


I finally found real porn for women.

No joke it really exists!

I thought no one could understand what we women really want in a porno but they did it!

They finally got it.

Someone finally understood that we women have needs to.

Never mind that hard-core amateur porno crap; we want gorgeous sublime women with perfect asses and tits and even more importantly we want hot men with god like bodies, dicks and boners.


Yeah just cause we are like that.


Now that’s what I call a real porno!
Female Friendly Videos

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Sex Toy FAQ: Since You Assed

Doc gloveToday we present an all-anal edition of Sex Toy FAQ.

Because we don’t want you doing anything half-assed.

Q: As a guy, I have only just discovered the pleasure of a vibrator and have started to use one in my ass.

I have an important medical shortly for a work-related insurance policy.

When the doctor examines me, will he know I have been inserting a vibrator in my ass?


A: No, he won’t be able to tell.

When he inserts a gloved finger into your rectum, he’s going to be checking your prostate for enlargement or lumps.

Using a vibrator won’t cause any changes in your prostate (in fact, it may make your prostate healthier!), and inserting a vibrator anally will not cause any changes in your rectal tissue or muscles.

Unless you are unusually sore or inflamed, he won’t be able to tell a thing.

Sexy Medical examination handjob



Red Anal butt plugQ: Can I insert an anal probe into my vagina?


A: Sure, there’s no reason you can’t use an anal toy for vaginal insertion.

But be careful if it has previously been in your ass.

If you are going to mix your anal and vaginal toys, you need to be scrupulous about hygiene.

Wash everything with antibacterial soap and hot water, or boil them if they’re silicone.

If your anal probe is long and slender, use some care.

The vaginal canal will stretch to accommodate depth, but sudden jabbing could cause internal bruises.

weird sex toy vaginal insertion



Q: G-spot vibrators and prostate vibrators seem to have some similarities in design.

Can a G-spot vibrator be used on the prostate to achieve orgasm?


A: Absolutely.

In fact, the prostate is sometimes referred to as “the male G-spot” (or the “P-spot”).

Toys that are curved or have a bump designed to hit the G-spot can just as easily be inserted anally and used to put pressure on the prostate.

G-spot toys tend to be a little bigger than prostate toys, so start out small if you’re new to anal stimulation.

Ass Solo dildo



Q: How do you keep an anal toy from popping out while you’re moving?


A: We assume you mean moving around in bed, not walking down the street.

Girls shaking ass with butt plugs


Either way, if you want an anal toy that stays put, you really need to get a butt plug, or something butt-plug shaped, with a bulbous body, a narrow neck, and a wide flange.

A toy with the right shape should stay put by itself.

For extra security, get a butt plug harness – a belt-like device that keeps the plug strapped in.

If you’re not doing anything too vigorous, try the wedgie method – insert the toy, put on a pair of tight undies, and pull them into your crack.

Butt Plug ejection



Q: Will anal beads get stuck in my ass? Will I be able to get them out?


A: Anal beads and similarly constructed toys often have a pull ring on one end, so you can avoid losing them up there.

If they don’t have a ring or handle, don’t insert the last bead or two, so you have something to grasp onto.

If they do all go inside, don’t panic.

Just bear down and you will probably be able to push out at least one bead, then grab them from there.

Anal Bead insertion



For more questions and answers about almost anything related to sex toys, I’ m suggesting you to have a chat session with Bianca !

She definately well know what she’s talking about 😉

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10 easy steps to transform your party into an orgy – Step 3

Step 3 for an orgy


orgys go way back form then till now

This next step to prepare for the orgy of a lifetime will take a little more time to get through.

This will definitely need a little time and patience but will be so worth it and on the plus side I’m sure you will have tons of fun doing it!

You’ve got a TV? Computer screens?

These are great for awakening sexual needs.



If you choose great visual it will, without a doubt, stimulate and excite your guests and get them in a merrymaking mood.

Sexy pictures and videos will do just fine. Do not overdo it. No hard-core visual.

Look for something sensual rather than sexually explicit.

You want the hot stuff happening in your house not on the TV.



You can find sensual pictures and videos in so many different places on the internet that I can’t even begin to enumerate them all but since I’m a sharer here are only a few places to get exciting things to prop onto your screens:

Fapalicious videos for orgys by realgfsexposed


Continue Reading HERE


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Had you ever Party with La.Dahlia ?

Cum and take a look at her amazing tattooed body,

She’s definitely a must to meet and who know, maybe more fun could wait around the corner ?!?

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How to get a hold of your girl's sex tapes in few easy steps

Us girls all know how much of a pervert you men can be and you know what… there is nothing wrong with that.

I actually encourage and applaud perversity. I think everyone should explore and develop their naughty side for the well being of the whole population.

Sexually satisfied people are usually friendlier, more relaxed and mostly healthy so why not hop on the pervert train with me and find out how you can actually get a hold of your ex-girlfriend’s sex tapes in 5 easy steps.


While still banging her you need to try this one out and keep it for future reference.

If your not with her anymore you will need to sacrifice yourself and get back together until she puts out on webcam or you can pretend you are her perfect man on a dating website she is already registered on and eventually lead up to a naughty cam show.

You would be surprised what some girls would do for big fresh juicy cocks, just tell her you’ve got a net-worth of 600 000 a year and she will be begging you to watch her fuck herself on cam.
Easy way to get your ex-girlfriends sex tapes
Once you’ve got her to agree to a naughty show, get her to do what ever you want and effortlessly use a simple screen capture program like Snag it and video tape the whole sinful show, here’s a start for your new private collection of girlfriend’s sex tapes.

Get her doing things you never got her to do before but don’t over do it because she might realize something is up.

You need to act the part of the rich guy who wants to give her everything.

Once it’s all said and done, I don’t care what you do, now you’ve got your ex doing the nasty on video and that’s what this is all about right?


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The Mermaid

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Introducing Marline the mermaid, always need to be wet, always aroused and having always naughty purposes !

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kinky boots

These Boots are made for Walking and so Much More!

Where your feet can take you

My name is Mabel and I used to have a really hard time having an orgasm.

I felt left out of the sunshine while everyone grinned sinfully thinking about the last time they had sex.

I mean, I still enjoyed sex but I was missing that great pay-off at the end.

Slutroulette orgasm close up pussy

I would get turned on, but not enough. Things would get really intense as things climaxed but for years, no matter how fast and long I was penetrated I wasn’t brought to orgasm.

So I started to open myself up to experimenting.

I don’t know why I was so hesitant going into it.

I guess I was afraid of becoming like this crazy slut who couldn’t get off without having a jar of dill flavoured pickles shoved up her pussy, or something weird like that.


Slutroulette LELO dildo Masturbation

Slutroulette LELO dildo Masturbation

Anyways, I had to try something so I got my first vibrator.

Honestly, it felt like a bit of work and I would quickly become frustrated when things weren’t happening fast enough.

I would spend my night experimenting with sex toys and in the day I would read all of the sex advice I could get my hands on.

I mean I was kind of stressed, waiting to be able to bring myself to come, but at the same time it was fun trying all of new toys and gadgets.


Finally one day after doing some serious shopping therapy (yes, I’ll admit it I have a bit of a shoe problem, and the problem is that I never have enough!)

I was flipping through a women’s magazine and read an article called: Why you should keep your socks on in bed.

Slutroulette Alyssa Branch spreading pussy in white socks

I was super intrigued and decided that when Dave (my boyfriend at the time) came over that night I would strut around and show him my new boots.

Fucking Boots fucking

The thought of waltzing around in socks was not a sexy thought at first, but that’s because I was thinking of white gym socks.


Once I bought black knee high socks with black lace to wear inside my boots, I really started to get into it.

Slutroulette black and white stripped socks fucking session

Slutroulette black and white stripped socks fucking session

So this time as Dave and I got closer and hotter I took off his clothes and removed mine.

When his hands touched my boots I let him slide the zipper down and pull them off, but when he touched the socks I stopped him and shook my head ‘No’.

I was worried at first that the socks ( I changed to black and white stripped sock by this time) might turn him off but my fears were relieved when he raised an eye-brow in intrigue.

sucking girlfriend sock

He stoked my feet caressing the soft material and even started biting my feet.

I was so surprised because he’d never done that before.

He bit over and over again, consuming my feet both at the same time. It hurt a little but felt so good I could feel myself getting wet.

Then he tossed one leg to the side and kept biting my right foot as he slipped two fingers inside me.

Slutroulette fingering

The entrance was smooth, because truth be told I really wanted him there.

I used my spare leg to wrap underneath his arm and started massaging his balls and he loved it.

Slutroulette feet with socks job


I don’t think I’d ever felt him so hard.

When he put his cock inside me I just about went nuts.

I surrendered my body to him.

My arms and legs flailed around as he went deeper and deeper inside.

Slutroulette good fucking session

Finally I put both my feet on his chest and massaged his strong pecks while he accelerated, for the first time, bringing us both to climax.

I had the best sleep of my life after that!!

Pussy shot and sexy feet

Now that I know the erotic power of my feet I don’t mind pampering myself, getting pedicures so that my lover can suck on my freshly painted feet and I’m not ashamed to say it out lout: feet rock!