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Jamie Valentine

Jamie Valentine naughty

She Can’t Stop Moaning!

Jamie is a lush brunette with cinnamon skin who’s waiting for her boyfriend in their hotel room while he’s out for business.

As she’s a little bored and endowed with a very lusty nature, she decides to use his webcam to make a masturbation video for him.

Knowing that a little teasing always increases desire, she starts by kneeling on the bed and taking all kind of sexy poses in her tight-fitting checkered pink shorts and red halter-top.

Brazenly looking at the camera, she fondles her breasts and caresses her whole body while sensuously undulating.


Jaime Solo pleasure with a dildo


Jaime Solo pleasure with a dildo



Having thus much excited herself she completely strip to display a well-proportioned lush body adorned with a few beautiful tattoos that strongly enhance her sensuality.

With a coy smile at the camera and a pretty mischievous look in her dark eyes she then sits on the bed and parts her thighs wide to fully show her already excited pussy.

Still saying sexy endearments to her boyfriend through the camera,Jamie then starts rubbing her appetizing plump pussy.

In no time, she’s not talking anymore because she’s already moaning too much to utter intelligible words.

It is quite clear that this hot-blooded girl’s libido is geared so high that, as soon as she slides a hand between her thighs and rubs her excited clit, her brain disconnects and her sensuous nature overwhelms her.


Jamie Valentine FingeringHowever, somewhere in the back of her mind, she remains aware that she she’s not masturbating only to please herself but to turn her boyfriend on as much as possible.

So, between every crest of the pleasure waves washing over her aroused lush body, she takes a little break to naughtily comment on her rising excitement and change position to vary the views on her on her lush body and blooming pink slit.

Nevertheless, this stop and go technique leaves her panting and closer to orgasm every time and soon comes the moment when she can’t hold-out any more.

As she moans louder than ever, Jamie’s body starts trembling from head to toe and the moan turns into an orgasmic scream that leaves her totally breathless.





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Big Tits Wet  Jamie ValentineJamie Valentine (AKA Jaime Valentine) is a tantalizing brunette porn star, originally from Colombia.

Jamie began her career in the porn industry in 2010, and has sense been credited in 19 different films.

She can mainly be seen getting her gorgeous pussy fucked hardcore and receiving a sticky facial to finish.

Although her performances don’t get too naughty, there isn’t much hotter than seeing Jamie with her face plastered in a sticky load.

She really seems to love every minute of cum-spraying action, and can often be seen licking and swallowing cum by the gallon.

Some of Jamie’s hottest performances can be seen in films like South Beach Latina Rampage, Latina Sex Tapes 4, and My Girlfriend’s Hot Mom.


Jamie is often compared to other hot starlets like Haley Sweet and Ariana Fox.

This sexy little starlet stands at an itty-bitty 5’1″, and weighs 114lbs. She has a sexy 36D-24-38 body, with a fantastic rack and a nice big Latina booty.

Her ass is often showcased in her performances, and we completely understand why!

This bottom-heavy babe has one heavenly rear end. Jamie has two different tattoos, and a cute little ring in her navel.

Jamie Valentine is a gorgeous Columbian starlet who has only just began to wow the industry with her incredible fuck performances.

You can see some of this babe’s hottest performances in one of the videos below. Give her a try, you’ll be happy that you did!


The Story Of A Dildo, Hot Tub, And Jamie Valentine

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