Rimming Ass LickingYup, I’m back here with more tips and recommendations for making anal play amazing. All us anal enthusiasts were once newbies, so we understand how anilingus can be a big, scary thing when you’re not prepared. So here’s a how-to for making the most of anilingus.

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Tossing the salad, rim jobs, rusty trombones – the list of euphemisms goes on and on. You can see a quick visual explanation from Wikipedia. The act of anilingus goes by many names, unfortunately most of them are rather unpleasant or just straight up gross. But in fact, with some loving preparation and technique, your mouth plus your partner’s anus (or vice versa) can be pretty friggin’ sexy. Yeah, we’re getting scientific.

First and foremost, lovely readers, understand that just because the anus is a major bacteria zone does not mean anilingus is going to be a dirty job. However, cleanliness is sexiness in this scenario, so here are some preparation tips.

Douche / enema

Definition: An enema (n; plural enemata or enemas) is the procedure of introducing liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus. Now, for regular ol’ anilingus, we recommend a simple anal douche, rather the at-the-doctor/ trying-to-cleanse-your-system enema.

Though the word has become a strange descriptor for unsavory personalities, douches are the anal adventurer’s pal. Flushing out you or your partner’s system before going down is not necessary, but I would consider it a major courtesy. Check out the video, snatched fromQueerty, on the anal douche and why it’s awesome.

Also, many of them come in unisex brands, so you male readers don’t have to go through the local market carrying a lovely box of Summer’s Eve. Don’t even try vaginal douches. Why? Three things. First, vaginas and anuses are very different parts of the body and require different cleaning. Second, vaginal douches don’t have the important tools for both areas included. Third, the vaginal douche and anal douche are built differently. To sum it up – they aren’t interchangeable. Remember to lube up before insertion.

Dental dams

Definition: A thin sheet of latex used as a prophylactic device during cunnilingus and anilingus.

Pretty much a facial condom, dental dams are a great option when it comes to anilingus. Simply position the dam between anus and mouth and you’re good to go. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation explains more about dental dams below. Surprised those Silicon Valley geeks are freaky? Come on now – geeks are the best lovers!

Now, dental dams are most often made of thin latex rubber. However, for those allergic to latex, they are also available in silicone. Sometimes, specially made rubber dental dams are sold in stores. Pro tip: there’s a cheap, simple alternative! Plastic saran wrap from your kitchen can serve as an effective dental dam as well.

The key thing to remember is keeping a sterile distance between anal bacterial and the mouth. Don’t worry about this if you’re going to douche, as that will clean the area out and you won’t need to worry about the dental dam. Now that your bum is powder fresh and ready, here’s some anal advice on pleasurable techniques:

Threesome RimmingVariety, variety, variety

Anilingus may, by definition, refer to the tongue stimulating the anus. But akin to its brethren fellatio and cunnilingus, there’s so much more involved than simple tonguing.


This is the core of anilingus. Whether it be the cheeks, the perineum (a wonderful area I’ll touch on in a bit), or going straight for the gold, tongue strokes are what can take the act from iffy to essential. Build up the tension with long, luxurious strokes down your lovers back or up their inner thighs. Definitely lavish attention on the area all around the actual orifice: this region is ripe with intense nerve endings. Plus, licking is a gentle way to explore you and your partner’s comfort zones.

Penetrationrimming anal

You don’t need a dildo, vibrator or penis to get pleasure out of your butt. This is why you so delicately cleansed your tush: so the tongue could go wild. After licking around the edges, dive right into the anus for a delightfully warm alternative to any finger. Plunging one’s tongue in allows not only for a warmer, wetter experience, but the pliability of this muscle makes for amazing stimulation. Try slow, interior circles for a hot build up or mix it up with a surprise dive between licks.

Rimming-Ass-LickingKiller combo

As I mentioned earlier, the perenium (also known as taint, gooch or no-man’s-land) is the stretch of skin, nerves and muscles between genitalia and anus. Often, especially in men, the muscle underneath is even more engorged when aroused. Stimulation, like small pressure, rubbing or licking, can be an extremely pleasurable addition to anilingus, or any oral sex for that matter.

It’s an especially potent add-on with anilingus due to the duality of pleasure. Both genitalia and anus are receiving attention, doubling the stimulation and thus, the pleasure.


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