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Cam Girls Problems

Here I put a recap of some gems found over the chats placed on different cam girls free video chat websites, like on Live Free Fun for example, some funny, some facepalms. From the girls and from theirs viewers, Enjoy !

Spreading pussy on webcam

“what club do you dance at bb?”
“Are you in school?”
Do you have a dildo that looks exactly like my cock?
Fingering yourself while getting your period
“Do you have a real job?/ what do you do besides this?”
It’s slow today on Easter Sunday. Jesus stop cockblocking me.
i have to work for 4 hours today
Charlie Sheen doesn’t watch webcam shows
I begged for money on Chipin all week. Why aren’t bills paid yet?
I look bored and hate my job. Why won’t anyone spend on me?
My electricity bill went up since I got my Hitachi
Regulars think I actually care about them
palpay account was hacked on the weekend
no one bought me anything off my wishlist this week
i just trolled my own chatroom out of bordeom
Can these popular girls sign off already so I can make some money?
do you do father/daughter roleplay in private?
“Why are you not in the top 20 bb?” Because all you cheap asses don’t tip me.
a typical difficult slow Sunday we are 10K tokens away from top 20.” AKA I probably made 15k this month.
“Why is no one tipping you?”- guy who never tips you.
The highest earning girl makes the yearly salary of a school teacher in a month 
I can’t cry on queue for pity tips
I tried to watch the popular girls to see what I can do differently but apparently they don’t do anything.
My best regular canceled his account. Who’s going to pay my rent now?
Nobody told me that raffling Ipods for tokens was part of webcamming
The ugliest girl on my site is the top earner
members tell me i’m too pretty.
last day of the pay period
My top team of ferrets are trying to solve the tipping issue. Hoping I can get back to taking your money ASAP
“flash me a nipple then i go private bb”
i forgot to cut my tampon string
I’m actually horny for once and no one wants a private show from me
one of my regulars is worried about me because i haven’t begged for donations for chipin in almost 24 hours
i make 7k a month working part time, wait why is my cam such shitty quality again?
this lotion doesn’t look like realistic cum
my boyfriend thinks i’m cheating because there are always cum stains on my sheets
one of my regulars figured out i was using the bended finger trick to pretend to finger my butthole
all my friends are leaving MFC for @skinvideo . what should i do?
i only averaged $50 an hour today
I cam because I like it. Not because I need the money now that my agent dropped me. Seriously.
do you want to see my cock bb?
i raffle off random electronics in my house that i don’t want anymore for tokens
this lube is giving me yeast infections
the raydolls think they’re classy
“what do you do for a living?”
“i remember you from highschool”
i make more money in 3 hours than you make in a week but please buy me this $7 dvd off my wishlistlatina topless Webcam
my little brother just got his first laptop
my boyfriend is pissed that my hitachi gets me off more than him
I’m lowering my prices aka I’m broke
I’m zooming in on my vagina so you can’t see me texting my boyfriend with my other hand while I masturbate
“Are you wet?”
I can’t buy a show today because my wallet was stolen
He ended our private show because I didn’t start fucking my unlubricated vagina 30 seconds in
Stop telling me to cum I’m waiting to fake it right before your credits run out
I don’t fist my butthole in free chat