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Shy Love Anal Scene

The 5 most over educated porn stars

Many porn stars have no formal education and once they decide to retire from the business they have a tough time trying to do something else, nevertheless there are a bunch of stars that can easily be given classes in any university, but they have chosen to have a better-paid, better looking jobs.

Here is a list of 5 porn starts that actually have other career options.

Nina Hartley Nurse degree

She got into the porn business because she had a little debt in… nurse school, she started working as a stripper at Mitchell Brothers O,Farrell Theater and it was there where she realized that strippers and porn stars were better treated than nurses, she graduated in 1985 with the highest honors (Magna Cum Laude) from the San Francisco State University.


Ron Jeremy Special Education Degree

This man is a legend in the porn industry, and he holds a Master’s Degree in special education, he soon realized that being the creepy, hairy guy with the huge penis was better paid and more dignifying than being a teacher, not quite sure if this says more about the porn Industry or about the education system, he graduated with a master’s degree in special education from Queen College in New York.


Lexington Steele History and African American Studies

This guy has several tricks under his sleeve he has a double degree from Syracuse University in the fields of History and African – American studies, he got them in 1993 and he is a licensed financial advisor, he even worked in the World Trade Center in New York as a stockbroker, but suddenly he realized that porn was way more lucrative… besides porn literally saved his life, because if he would have kept working in the financial industry he would have been on the Twin Towers on September 11 of 2001.


 Shy Love Accounting and Taxation Master Degrees

She holds two masters degrees, one in accounting and the other in taxation, in paper she is the kind of girl that would seem nerdy and boring, nevertheless she is a porn star which means that a date with her can have a happy ending.



 Asia Carrera Business and Japanese Major Degrees

Besides of studying piano as a child, giving concerts at the New York Carnegie Hall (twice!!), having an IQ of 156, being a member of mensa and gotten a full academic scholarship to study in Rutgers University she got a double major in business and Japanese.

With all these information you can’t say that everybody in porn are just a bunch of Dumb Fucks, at least not these 5 stars.


LiveFreeFun EvaFangoria

The 4 Most Bizarre Webcams In History

1. Nina Thinking that God got Alzheimer.

Nina is a 41 years old camgirl that sitting in the edge of her bed in a bad day she started screaming phrases such as “God has forgotten about me” and “You are a piece of shit” all this while she was trying to close the window where her “fans where cheering her up”, a bunch of online trolls were asking her to put her shoe in her head and telling her to die, this video was captured by somebody in the audience and here is the result:


Nina Live Free Fun Profile

Her redemption came when this video went from site to site on nonstop viral race, thanks to this she has become the queen of one of the weirdest sexual fetishes I have seen online: Men requesting her to cry and bitch for sexual pleasure (A wife would do that for free in my humble opinion).

2.Nakita Lynn getting naked “For a cause”.

When you find a 27 year old hetero sexual girl, D cup that gets naked in front of a webcam for a living, the last thing you have in your mind  when entering to her show is: “Let’s see how she complains about the natural disasters”, well it gets even better, she starts crying because one of the “regular assistants” to her show has lost everything due the hurricane and storms, see her reaction in the following video.

Nakita Lynn

Nakita Lynn Profile

Well at least her show is now full with people making pledges about their destroyed homes and their different needs while she “gets naked for charity”, each one of these girls have a different strategy to attract customers and I guess hers is getting naked for a cause. To see mor of her hows go here: Nakita Lynn Show

3. Camgirl being attacked.

There is nothing more embarrassing than having your significant other going to your workplace to start an scene isn’t? Especially when you are semi naked and with a dildo on your ass, well that is exactly what happened to this camgirl, you can see how her boyfriend starts throwing things to her in the middle of the show, but don’t take my word for it, watch the video here (Warning: the video was taken with a potato,  and the sound is lost for a
moment, but still quite funny)

Click to watch video

Her redemption now is that she has been getting some job offers to work as a crash test dummy.
If you want to see some random camgirls here is the place

4. Camgirl taking the family to her job.

Many people take their kids to their offices when it is the “take to your kid to work day”, so I guess that is exactly what this camgirl is doing, she took her son to her day job, let’s see what happenes when she is “working” and the kid is there: 

Click to watch video
Well at least you can’t blame her that she does not spend time with her son because of her job.

If you want to see more Camgirls without those family problems click the link


Oral Sex Gif for women


Yes, girls watch porn too!

real women porn gif
I finally found real porn for women. No joke it really exists! I thought no one could understand what we women really want in a porno but they did it! They finally got it. Someone finally understood that we women have needs to. Never mind that hard-core amateur porno crap; we want gorgeous sublime women with perfect asses and tits and even more importantly we want hot men with god like bodies, dicks and boners. Yeah just cause we are like that. Now that’s what I call a real porno!


Woman porn at its finest

sensual sex scene

    • We want it to start from the beginning, no need for a silly fake story with a pizza delivery man and his never eaten pizza, just the simple preliminaries stuff that turns us on in real life. The slow and sexy French kissing, the fine caressing of a soft ass, the slow over cloths fondling, the sensual feel of her mouth on a perfectly mounted dick you get the picture?
    • We want to see them slowly remove each other’s cloths and linger on every sexual part of their bodies.
    • We want exclusive locations with romantic settings and perfectly shaved pussies. No need for huge budgets and extreme flash we like the simple sensual stuff.
    • We want quality over quantity. Beautiful angles and amazing shots combined with sexy melodious music.
    • We want sexy sensual scenes with perfect bodies intertwined as both of them moan in ultimate pleasure.
    • We want to see him lick that delicious little pussy until she so desperately wants his big cock to take her.
    • We want to see his lips surround the nipple and suck it deep into his mouth while she vigorously rubs his cock.

Amazing porn for women

    • We want to see the man’s whole body move to the rhythm while thrusting his cock down on the girl’s wet and amazingly tight hole until she yells for him to stop.
    • We want to see her suck and pump that perfect enormous cock and love it so much that she just can’t stop.
    • We want to feel the sensuality of the partners as they fuck over and over again.

girl porn

  • We want to see the real pleasure in their faces as they make each other wet and horny.
  • We want the slow riding of a huge hard cock.
  • We want to see passionate and amazing sex in every position.
  • We want to see them tremble after having the ultimate orgasm.
  • We want lesbians to undress each other slowly and sensually while caressing each body part tenderly.
  • We want foxy sensual lesbians eating each other’s pussies and licking each other dry. We want to see them linger on each other’s huge and perfectly shaped bosoms with their hands and tongues. We want to see them caress each other and squeal in ultimate pleasure while they finger each other to ecstasy.

Sensual cunnilingusPorn for women blow job


Now I know we want a bunch of things and it might seem impossible but yes these pornos do exist and they changed my life. I am now a horny little vixen and I want to fuck all the time because I just can’t get enough. They make me want to tear of the cloths of every cute guy I meet and take advantage of their rippling bodies. I guess we could say they make me feel real good! I bet they can make anyone feel this way!



  • We don’t want to see deep throat and gagging
  • We don’t want to see old men with young ladies
  • We don’t want to see inappropriate behavior
  • We don’t want to see women demeaned and talk to like sluts
  • We don’t want to see hard-core octopus crap
  • We don’t want to monsters fucking other monsters
  • We don’t want to see ugly uninteresting people fuck with each other just to make a horrible porno.
  • We don’t want to see 12 cocks cum shot on one girls face.
  • We don’t want to see horrible quality videos that we can barely decipher which is a girl and which is a boy.
  • We deserve more



Sexy porn for womenfinally porn for women


So as you can see women and men are so very different with their porno needs. Once in a while we do get the urge to watch amateur porno but if we have a choice we will definitely choose these kinds of sexy sensual videos . The reason we choose to watch the other porno’s is because we see how excited our man gets when he watches them and that alone is enough to get us moist. It’s not the porno it’s how horny it makes him. Because we aim to please him but if you want to please her then you’ll take my advice and drop these delicious porno’s on her and you will never know what hit you! You might even get the blow job of a lifetime while watching some amazing porn, who knows!

incredible porn 4 women gif

woman porn

slow motion porn for women


Slutroulette Couple Screenshot

Chatroulette is now closed to nudity


stacimalo:Free sex has never been so easy.  Since chatroulette no longer allows nudity and sex where do you go? Been looking around but haven’t found anything yet? Well here it is! Slutroulette is now ready for you with tens of thousands of hot naked women just waiting for you to sex chat with them.  They are horny and excited and just can’t wait to get their hands on you for some hot and torrid sex. Don’t be shy, they are all online now and expecting you to stop by for some exciting intense free sex chat!  Stop looking,  is here to please you!Related articlesstacimalo: So taking a bath in 5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1 … me too me… ( This one is to bring a smile to my friend… ( Stacimalo undresses for less! Everyone go check… (


Free sex has never been so easy.  Since chatroulette no longer allows nudity and sex where do you go? Been looking around but haven’t found anything yet? Well here it is! Slutroulette is now ready for you with tens of thousands of hot naked women just waiting for you to sex chat with them. They are horny and excited and just can’t wait to get their hands on you for some hot and torrid sex. Don’t be shy, they are all online now and expecting you to stop by for some exciting intense free sex chat!  Stop looking,  is here to please you!

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100th Pussy Eatin on a pool table

10 people who have eaten more pussy than you ever will!!

Yummy Pussy

One of the most common activities known to men is to brag about their sexual encounters, nevertheless there are some of them that are way beyond the “regular bragging” range, and here is the list of the 10 people who have eaten more pussy than you ever will

Warren Beatty in Bed
1.Warren Beatty

In the book called Star: How Warren Beatty seduced America written by the author Peter Biskind contends that the actor has fucked more than 13,000 women, some of the most famous conquers are: Jane Fonda, Joan Collins, Julie Christie, Diane Keaton, Fran Drescher, Janice Dickinson, Madonna and probably one or two college girls.
According with the same book he started when he was 20 and considering that he got married with Annette Bening in 1992 when he was 55 that is about 371 women a year, if we compare this with the 5000 women the biggest male porn star Ron Jeremy accepts to have fucked, Warren did more than twice that number.

Wilt Chamberlain
2. Wilt Chamberlain

In many interviews he has said that he slept with 20,000 women, and this claim were put on paper on his 1991 book called “A view from Above”, according with the book he started when he was 15, the book was finished when he was 55 so doing some math those are 500 women per year or 1.4 women per day, some of his closest friends say that he used to love threesomes, which makes it easier to reach that number lol.

Gene Simmons
3.Gene Simmons

In an interview to the Esquire magazine Gene Simmons said he has slept with more than 4600 women, assuming he has been sexually active for 40 years (he is 63) that averages 115 women per year, 2 per week , at least we know another use he has for his tongue.

Irving Magic Johnson
4.Irving “Magic” Johnson

According with several interviews he has accepted to sleep with more than 1,000 women, he said he even lost the count at some point, not surprisingly when he announced he was HIV positive he did not know which girl has passed him the virus.

Jack Nicholson in bed
5. Jack Nicholson

He has said in several interviews that he has been “with more than 2,000 women”, some of the names he has dropped over the years are: Michelle Phillips, Bebe Buell, Lara Flynn Boyle, Anjelica Houston (for 16 years!), Rebecca Broussard (who was his girlfriend at the same time he was with Anjelica) etc…

Umberto Billo
6. Umberto Billo

Never heard of this guy? you are not the only one, he may be the only one of this list that is not rich nor famous (God, he is not even American citizen!), he used to be the porter at the Venetian hotel in Las Vegas, he claims that he has slept with more than 8,000 women and according with him “just by asking them to check in the counter”, one business women even stated “I must have spent thousands in this hotel because of him”, unfortunately he was fired because sometimes he was “too tired to carry the luggage” no wonder why.

Julio Iglesias at the beach
7. Julio Iglesias

He is one of the biggest Spanish speaker singers and according with the Maxim magazine he has been with more than 3000 women in his life, that is approximately 66 women per year, no wonder he has spawn more than 10 kids being Enrique Iglesias one of them.

Fidel Castro Pussy Lover
8. Fidel Castro

“El comandante” as he calls himself, claimed in a 2008 documentary that he used to sleep at least with 2 different women per night during the last 40 years, the sources of this information was a former Castro Official and he even said “I don’t think he would have stayed on for as long as he did if he had not had access to all the women he had as president”.

Charlie Sheen
9. Charlie Sheen

Who doesn’t know Charlie Sheen? And more important who doesn’t know his sex and drug escapades? He has said to TMZ website that he has been with more than 5000 women and here are some of the names he has dropped: Tamara Beckwith, Robin Wright Penn, Dolly Fox, Winona Ryder, Heidi Fleiss, Kelly Preston, Dominique Simone, Heather Hunter, Donna Peele, Sky Valencia and many, many more.

Eric Clapton
10. Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton has a story with drugs, he is a rock star so in order to complete the triangle of “sex, drugs and rock and roll”, he has said in several interviews that he has been with more than 1,000 in his life.
Know that we know how much of a loosers we are, We should go to increase our number… but not of the women we have been with, but the number of FAPS!!! take some good material and happy fapping
Ron Jeremy Master of Pussy EaterAnd how could we forget our international pussy eating God Ron Jeremy
who’s exploits have made women tremble worldwide
sexual connotation ad

5 Mainstream Ads that can be used to promote porn

There are many people who seek in to the past for answers and sometimes they realize that the past is not as good as they think, here are some examples of how some ads in the past were naively (diabolically?) created as if they were really the ads for porn movies.
Skinless Wieners
The guy who invented the sausages is nothing but a prankster, because there is nothing funnier than penis shaped food, you may not know this, but before they use to be shoved the wieners in sheep intestine casings, yes that is right you hear me sheep intestines!!, so suddenly the technology was able to get rid off of the sheep intestines and there is when advertising geniuses decided that the best way to advertise the product was with the following phrase:
Wieners with No Skins!!
Please don’t tell me I am the only one that is having all kind of dirty thoughts, I know you too are thinking about circumcised penises, condom free sex and much more, to me all this advertising it’s like some of the first rap songs, they give you enough info to start giggling, but not too much to be censored by the main stream media.
Toss the salad
I really don’t even use that phrase outside the sex arena, I am not quite sure if the advertising executes in Heinz have any idea of how that phrase it was going to be used in the future, I hope I don’t find other products called “Chocking the chicken” or “Tickling the taco” in other cooking ads.
Mickey wants to put his milk inside you
Just read that phrase loud and change the word Minnie for your bosses name, ready?: “Inside of you, Minnie- My milk is the best thing in the World!” when he arrives screaming towards you, tell him you simply wanted to share this ad with him.

I am sure that you have heard all those crazy theories about Walt Disney being part of some conspiracy theories painting pennises in the cover of his movies, and the word Sex in the Lion King Movie, well I don’t know you, but this ad makes me very suspicious that all those stories were right and maybe Walt himself was a little bit on the other side if you know what I mean 😉


Let’s suppose that every man that is reading this column is gay, but not just the regular level of gay, but the most exhibitionist and flamboyant type there are, even in that level I will bet my left nut that you are not hanging around on your underwear as the gentlemen shown in this ad.

Men Underwear ad
Let’s analyze the above ad, I really don’t know (because you guys never invite me to your crazy parties), but I greatly suspect that it is not a common activity to engage into a wrestling match with other men in your bare underwear, or this ad is exaggerating the activity, the marketing executive simply lost their market, or probably is one of those activities that people use to do back in the day. Well at least the ad gives a little bit of context; the two men are in a locker room and I want to believe that it was some common activity back in the days, because I have been into many men lockers and I have never witnessed anything like that.
Speaking of…
Transexual ad
I have nothing against people dressing in ways that defies the gender expectations, but I think they should be a better way to sell socks to men don’t you think? I mean I understand the men may love his suspenders but I am not quite sure the market they are aiming for shares the same passion.
Banana ad goes wrong
There are so many things wrong with this ad that I am not going to start enumerating them, I will simply say that there are two types of people I hate, those who don’t have fun and the people who made this ad.
Big Tits Webcam Girl

Slutroulette is Chatroulette with more boobs!

Yep ! Slutroulette is Chatroulette with more boobs!

Adult Chatroulette alternative

Chatroulette forced users through an agonizing hunt to connect with girls. Even when you finally landed on one, there was no guarantee you’d see some skin. On Slutroulette, you’re connected instantly to hundreds of girls who want to do a lot more than flash their boobs. What sort of thing do they want to do? Well, you’re just going to have to go to to see for yourself. The only thing you need to join the fun onSlutroulette is to be 18 and older. Pretty sweet, right?

Continue Reading Here

Live Free Fun Pornstar Webcams

Confession of a real webcam addict

Webcam logo

I had a Chrome browser open the other day when a coworker walked into my office. I jumped, simultaneously clicking a different browser tab to hide what I’d been viewing.
“What’s up?” my colleague asked.

“Not much,” I said, my guilty mouse finger searching for a work-related document to maximize on the screen.

She’d caught me in a distracted moment. It happens more often than I’d like to admit – one second I’m looking at something absolutely work-related, and then a few clicks later, I’m somewhere else entirely. My computer screen, unfortunately, faces the door to my office, so the scene described above isn’t exactly rare. I think my coworkers suspect.

My confession: I like to look at webcams. I’m an addict. Especially when there’s lots of action: storms  (Sandy), sunrises, wildlife, even people !
This confession either makes me boring as hell or a bona fide freak. But the truth is, if there’s a camera is monitoring scenery or traffic, I want to see it.
I think this, er, hobby, started after a visit to Glacier National Park a few summers ago. Glacier has an impressive array of webcams that can help you monitor the weather for your trip, or help you prolong your visit after you’ve returned home.  The site quickly became a fixture of my daily routine. Leaves turned color; snow fell; water froze. It was beautiful.

I started branching out. Glacier leads the pack, but there are other national parks with cams, and I checked on those. My local coffee shop has a webcam so you can check the line. I used to live in upstate New York, and in the fall I wistfully searched out foliage cams. Any car ride over a mountain pass was preceded by a check of the ODOT site.

Then I found the mother lode, the jackpot, the URL that was to a webcam aficionado like me whatKulminator is to a beer lover: The FAA aviation cameras of Alaska.
These are traffic cams, but not for street traffic. They’re meant to show pilots the conditions at Alaska’s numerous small airports. Because of that, they don’t record freeways or interchanges, but mountain passes and tundras. Each location has multiple cameras pointing different directions. And the best part: You can watch time-lapse sequences. So, for instance, you can see the sun rise over Anchorage, the moon set over Kasigluk and the tides change at Hawk Inlet. I continually hope to see wildlife wander into view, maybe caribou in Tuntutuliak or bear in Valdez.

If I sound like I know where these places are in relation to each other, or any other point north of British Columbia, I don’t. I’ve never been to Alaska. But through these small, low-resolution images, I get to see crimson alpenglow on snowy peaks and ships cross misty, moody bays.

I might someday be ready to visit Alaska, but out my secret shame to friends and coworkers? No way.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a tab to check.

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