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The Sexiest Amateur Webcam Babes on SlutRoulette

Doesn’t matter which country you’re from, what color your skin is or what your political views are, there’s one thing we can all agree on and that is that hot webcam babes are the bomb. Although you may have a different preference than me, and Barrack Obama may be into ebony cam babes while Bill Clinton prefers live blowjob videos, certainly every man can find common ground in the love we share for chatting with some kind of live webcam girl or another.

Teen Webcam Sex Chat – Top 5 Teen Webcam Girls

In today’s post we’re going to be looking at the top teen cam girls on SlutRoulette. While it’s impossible to say who’s really the top because everyone has their different likes, fetishes, and general quips that attract them, we’re judging on the best balance of hotness, energy level and creativity as they put on their sweet teen webcam shows.

Top 5 NEW SlutRoulette Webcam Models 2018

Everyday new girls join SlutRoulette, hundreds upon hundreds of new girls in fact. It can be overwhelming to try and wade through the see of new talent and find what it is that you’re looking for which is why we’re going to feature a few ladies who caught our eye.

Our goal will be to showcase as dynamic as a selection as possible so as to cater to at least one of everyone’s needs. Enjoy, and we hope you find what you’re looking for 🙂

Mary Jane comes hard on webcam

Fans of beautiful babes who devote themselves to their favorite activity probably like this story on Slutroulette. Here is a day like all the others where I am posing in front of my webcam and I am very pleased. I’m Mary Jane and I’m a redhead who loves to masturbate in front of her webcam.

Dick Or Clit

Dick Or Clit ?

Mouse over the pic to get the truth !

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Aubrey Kate

Dick or Clit ?”

Let’s start with Aubrey Kate ,long blonde hair, a doe’s eyes, small nose, sensuous lips and natural looking breasts.
However, what about those hands? Are they masculine? I wouldn’t bet my last dollar on it.

Would you?

Mouse over the picture and discover if there’s a Dick or a Clit below the waist.


Blonde Camgirls
Anastasia has unkempt hair, a wide face, and fairly masculine nose. Her general look is a bit weird and I’d be inclined to think that she’s a “he”, but I wouldn’t bet my balls on it. Would you bet yours? If so, make your bet and click on the photo to discover if you’d be a eunuch if the bet had been for real!Dick or a Clit ?


Ebony Camgirls
Ingrid has a very unusual face and I am almost sure that she is a “he”. I mean look at her eyes,her hands and general appearanceand you sure will have as many doubts as I have. However, there’s no Adam’s apple, and her shoulders seem pretty slims for a boy, so I wouldn’t risk much on my impression that she’s not what she seems to be.What do you think, is it a Dick or a Clit?Mouse over the picture and find out how clear-sighted you are!


Trans m2f
Naila is a young an attractive ebony chick with round perky and super firm. She has a woman’s pulpy lips, small nose and narrow shoulders. A genuine black beauty! Nevertheless, I have my doubts and wouldn’t put my head on the block that she was born with a slit.What’s your impression?Mouse over the photo and find out if you’re right about her having a Dick or a Clit.


Petite Black m2f
Vesta is another black beauty with her hair very well done, a nice smile, sweet features and perky young tits with large erect nipples. I’d swear that she is definitely a very feminine woman and I am almost sure of it.Don’t you think I’m right?Well, find out by clicking on the photo and discover if what she has to offer is a Dick or a Clit.


Fake Top to Bottom Amy Anderssen
Amy is one of those cases in which nothing is clear; at first sight, one is sure that she is a man. But, after a closer look one starts to believe that she’s indeed a woman. These huge boobs seem to be impossible on a man’s chest and her whole body is so slim. However her face in general looks a little bit manly and no woman has this type of facial features.I’m really puzzled! Well, let’s find out now,Mouse over the image and find out if Amy is a Dick or a Clit.


Thai Webcams
Martha seems to be one of the easiest one to spot. I mean she has such a boyish face and take a look at that wide nose, combined with strong teeth and obviously fake lashes. Come on boys, that is definitely a man, or maybe it’s not? She has very skinny arms, narrow shoulders, no apparent Adam’s apple and the fact that she’s fairly flat-chested doesn’t mean a thing. A lot of real females have tiny tits.A pretty hard one to bet on, I’d say.Let’s find out !Mouse over the picture to see if there’s a Dick or a Clit between the thighs.


Asian TS Webcams
Mina is a classic Asian chick. She has straight hair, black eyes and the features of a genuine oriental chick with tiny frame. Nevertheless, nowadays one can never be a 100% sure. Am I just getting to suspicious, or is there a tiny shade of a mustache above her upper lip?I am not sure if that is enough of a hint to doubt her femininity, but I’ve been wrong so often at this game that I wouldn’t take a bet with this one.What do you think?Find out the truth with your mouse over the photo and see if there’s a Dick or a Clit awaiting you.

With the last examples I am not sure of anything are you?


Ariel Striptease Free Video
Ariel looks like a very sweet young girl. Dreamy mellow eyes and delicate features make her appear as a barely legal teen chick. However, there’s a slightly masculine appearance to her jawline and her shoulders look a bit square for a barely nubile female. Besides, isn’t there a hint of an Adam’s apple and too flat a chest?That’s a real hard one to guess and the only way to be sure is to…Mouse over the photo ! And find out if there’s a Dick or a Clit below her waist.


RedHead TS Webcams
Nancy is one of those gorgeous women who turn a lot of red-blooded males’ heads. Flaming red hair, wide blue eyes and full breasts would make me swear she’s a 100% female. However, on second looks, I find the mouth and cheeks have a boyish look and the shoulders are a bit too square. So, I can’t really decide on this one. What would you say?To find out if you’re right, Roll over the picture to see if it is a Dick or a Clit.



How many did you guess right? Now is the moment to share this with your friend and realize who is really good deciding if she has a Dick or a Clit

Cam 2 Cam with Shemales Now !

Now, Get more Dick or a Clit to guess below:


Latina TS Webcams
Lorena is a mixed-race babe with the thick hips that are one of those stereotypes that many of us have about mixed-blood women. However, the tits don’t seem quite right and the whole body appears too thick even if the face is quite feminine with its small nose, wide dark eyes and luscious mouth.What’s your guess?Dick or a Clit?Find the truth by clicking on the photo.


Addison Rose Profile
Adison Rose is one of those women that have a very cheeky attitude and provocative eyes. Nice tits and narrow chin are very feminine, but shoulders seem a little square and wrists maybe a little too thick for a chick. May be the nose is a little big for a girl, but the whole aura feels feminine to me also. What would you put your money on: Dick or a Clit?Find out by rolling over the picture..


The Punisher Fucks A Hot Latin Slut
You’d swear that Daniela is an astounding intense Italian woman with her raven hair and stunning facial feature. She has the sloping narrow shoulders of the fair sex and nice full breasts. The question is: is that beak of a nose a racial feature or an indication that Daniela is a he? The pulpy sensuous mouth can’t make me decide one way or the other.Can you?Dick or a ClitSee if you’re right by clicking on the image.


Black Hair Tranny Webcams
BaileyJay’s appetizing cleavage and her face’s fine features framed by her raven hair are strikingly beautiful and delicate. Her immense dark eyes are ravishing and she could easily be considered as having all the criterions of feminine beauty. Why is there a doubt in my mind? I can’t point out what troubles me.Can you? Are you sure it’s a clit and not a dick hiding below the waist.Dick or a Clit? Find out if you’re right by clicking on her picture.


Blonde TS Webcams
Milla has long blond hair and a nice pair of big boobs with large yummy nipples. She has a scorcher’s look in her blue eyes and luscious pulpy lips. The epitome of femininity! But, wait a minute! Her shoulders are too wide and muscular and there’s something in her face that rings a bell and tells me she might well be a “he”.What do you think?Dick or a Clit ?Find the truth by clicking on the photo.


Crystal And Her Huge Rack
With such a mammoth set of boobs, who would doubt that Crystal is a 100% female? Her long blond hair, saucer-sized nipples and sensuous mouth can belong only to a gal. Are you sure of that? Look at how wide is her torso and how square her shoulders. Don’t you think that jaw has a masculine outline? Would you bet a 100$ that it’s a clit and not a dick.Dick or a Clit ?See if you win your bet by clicking on the picture.


JessWest Striptease Free Video
With her long reddish-brown hairand the fiery look in her dark hair JessWest looks like a femme fatale.However, little things in her postureand the general way in which she holds her bodymake me doubt that she’s really a “she”.Dick or a Clit ?Think about it, decide if it’s a clit or a dickand check if you’re right by rolling on the image.


Nasty Shemale Being Shagged In The Ass
Bruna’s naughty look, luscious lips, long raven hair, added to her nice round breast and tiny nose make her look like a saucy chick. However, don’t you think that her hands are too big and her fingers slightly too thick to look feminine? Maybe the ribbon around her neck hides an Adam’s apple….Dick or a Clit ?What would be your own guess on whether it’s a clit or a dick hiding in her pants?The answer needs your mouse over the photo!


Ladyboy Asia Soapy Massage
Doesn’t Shizuko appear like the perfect Asian doll to your eyes. Delicate features dark eyes and long black air. As well as small perky tits are the characteristics most of us love in oriental cuties. However, I think that this chick maybe has bit of a virile way to hold her head and stare at the camera.Or is it the proportionately too wide shoulders.Anyhow, I hesitate between Dick or a Clit.Let’s make sure by clicking on the photo


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Cougar blowjob and spreading her pussy

Sex Terms – What is a cougar?

A cougar is an older woman who is primarily attracted to and has sex with with significantly younger men

cougar lesbians eating pussy Hot cougar spreading her pussy cougars sex club orgy cougars sex club orgy

The most commonly-accepted definition of a cougar is a woman 40 years of age or older who exclusively pursues very young men. The onset of the cougar years is hotly debated. Some feel that a cougar can be as young as 35, but women of this age would not be viewed as cougars unless their sexual conquests were no older than 25; the ten-year age difference seems to be an unspoken but accepted minimum between partners.

Typically, cougars prey upon men almost young enough to be their sons. Thus fortysomething cougars would be attracted to men in their 20s, and fiftysomething cougars would pursue men in their 30s and so on. Some cougars are less interested in a relationship than a sexual conquest, perhaps enjoying the fact that they are physically appealing to men who are considered to be in the prime of their virility.

A cougar may be married or unmarried, and some even go after their daughters’ boyfriends.

Although the term ‘cougar’ comes from the big-game predatory cat of the same name, the cougar connection also may allude to the wearing of animal print clothing by older and more sexually aggressive women.

An early example of the cougar phenomenon was seen in the groundbreaking film The Graduate, in which middle-aged Mrs. Robinson (Ann Bancroft) seduces fresh-out-of-college Benjamin Braddock (Dustin Hoffman).

Real-life cougar relationships included Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (15 years), Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins (12 years), and Barbara Hershey and Naveen Andrews (21 years).

DeviantClip Porn Categories

What Your Porn Category Says About You

Ever wondered what people from Nevada watch when they’re jerking off?

Have you spent sleepless nights pondering the porn habits of Pennsylvania?

Do you dream of the dirt that Delawareans diddle themselves to? Well, your questions have been answered!

We posted before This Is How Much Time America Spends On Porn, providing a map of the United States most searched porn categories by State.

Delaware loves milfs, Pennsylvania loves college girls, and people in Nevada really love Anita Queen, a porn star from the Czech Republic.

DaChix Porn Categories

As a country we are fascinated by creampies, teens, and milfs. As an experiment I decided to take a cross-section of my coworkers and poll them on their own masturbation habits.

I work in a porn office so I figured their answers would be a little skewed. When you look at naked women for 40+ hours a week you get a little desensitized to the run-of-the-mill teen dildo scenes.

I expected the creeps at my office to tell me they have to search things like, “Asian + Machine + Grandma + Teletubby + Latex + PVC Pipe” to get their dicks hard. What they told me was truly shocking.

Most of the guys want to watch the totally normal stuff. They search for big tits, asses, and blowjobs. Really? That’s it? No “water torture + fish hooks + extreme fisting + Kate Middleton” searches? I couldn’t believe it.

I decided to take the cross-section of men I interviewed and delve a little deeper into their favorite categories.

Their search terms may not be depraved, but the psychology behind their search terms says a lot about their personalities.

Here are the most popular categories at my office and what they say about the people that search for them:


Asian: Asian is a broad term. If we’re talking South Korean beauty pageant contestant gets fucked then ok, that could be sexy.

Everyone knows hot Asian girls are like unicorns—rare and truly magnificent. If you’re looking for a cute Asian girl then I’m cool with you.


You’re the kind of person who loves playing The Settlers of Catan and eating Funyuns off your stomach when you’re lying down.

If you’re looking for Asian girls fucking hot curling irons and crying then you’re the kind of person that should be sent to Gitmo. Full stop.

Amateur: You’re the kind of person that stares too long at high schoolgirls and you order your coffee black but secretly love flavored coffee creamer.

You are moderately attractive and have a decent relationship with your mom.

Ass: You are either from the Midwest or Latin and you have inadvertently bitten a woman dangerously hard on the ass one time. You often have dreams about clouds.

Black Chicks: Searching for black chicks means you love rap music and violently defend Kanye’s new album.

If you’re white you feel very conflicted about racial equality after you come.

If you’re black you aren’t watching black porn because you love watching white chicks bounce around so this isn’t applicable to you.

Blowjobs: This category is solely for people who weren’t laid until college. Who wants to watch a blowjob?

Big Tits: Mommy issues. Obviously.

College: This category is for older men who played JV football and desperately want to return to a time where they weren’t financially obligated to support a bitch ex-wife and three money-grubbing shit hole children.

Creampie: This is a category for men with secret eating disorders.

Feet: This category is reserved for really strange people. Why do you want to watch women rub their feet on a dick?

Do you know where feet go every day? It’s nasty. You’re nasty. But if you want to come over and rub my feet I’m totes down for that.

Fetish: Again, this is a broad category. Are you searching for “medical porn”? Then you’re a serial killer.

Are you searching for “female domination”? You’re a mommy’s boy who failed 1st grade. Are you looking for “cock and ball torture”?

Then you’re a serial killer who failed first grade.

Fingered: You haven’t been on a successful date in over three years.

First Time:  You own a masturbation device and love Deviled eggs.

Gangbang: You have slept with under two women.

H.D.: You have a lot of mysterious purchases on your credit card statement and receive lots of unmarked packages to your house.


Latina: You are from the Midwest and you love corn.

Lesbian: After a first date the woman usually says to you: “I feel so connected to you, I can really see us being great friends!”

Lesbian Tribbing

MILF: Mommy issues. Also, you have a recurring fantasy that your cleaning lady walks in on you masturbating and washes your dick with Pine-Sol.

P.O.V.: You have grainy cell-phone video of your ex-girlfriend giving you head. You cry every time you watch it.

Real Couples: See above.

Stockings: You are Jewish.

Teen: You have a P.O. Box and used to write fan letters to W.W.E. wrestlers.

Toon: You live in your parent’s basement with five ferrets all named after Steve Buscemi characters.

White Chicks: You really wish The WB would bring back The Wayans Bros.

What I took away from this experiment is that no matter how much porn you watch you can always watch more.

And next to baseball, there’s nothing more American than fapping your dick to a “Milf + teen + creampie” three minute, grainy porn clip.



Rimming Ass LickingYup, I’m back here with more tips and recommendations for making anal play amazing. All us anal enthusiasts were once newbies, so we understand how anilingus can be a big, scary thing when you’re not prepared. So here’s a how-to for making the most of anilingus.

* * *

Tossing the salad, rim jobs, rusty trombones – the list of euphemisms goes on and on. You can see a quick visual explanation from Wikipedia. The act of anilingus goes by many names, unfortunately most of them are rather unpleasant or just straight up gross. But in fact, with some loving preparation and technique, your mouth plus your partner’s anus (or vice versa) can be pretty friggin’ sexy. Yeah, we’re getting scientific.

First and foremost, lovely readers, understand that just because the anus is a major bacteria zone does not mean anilingus is going to be a dirty job. However, cleanliness is sexiness in this scenario, so here are some preparation tips.

Douche / enema

Definition: An enema (n; plural enemata or enemas) is the procedure of introducing liquids into the rectum and colon via the anus. Now, for regular ol’ anilingus, we recommend a simple anal douche, rather the at-the-doctor/ trying-to-cleanse-your-system enema.

Though the word has become a strange descriptor for unsavory personalities, douches are the anal adventurer’s pal. Flushing out you or your partner’s system before going down is not necessary, but I would consider it a major courtesy. Check out the video, snatched fromQueerty, on the anal douche and why it’s awesome.

Also, many of them come in unisex brands, so you male readers don’t have to go through the local market carrying a lovely box of Summer’s Eve. Don’t even try vaginal douches. Why? Three things. First, vaginas and anuses are very different parts of the body and require different cleaning. Second, vaginal douches don’t have the important tools for both areas included. Third, the vaginal douche and anal douche are built differently. To sum it up – they aren’t interchangeable. Remember to lube up before insertion.

Dental dams

Definition: A thin sheet of latex used as a prophylactic device during cunnilingus and anilingus.

Pretty much a facial condom, dental dams are a great option when it comes to anilingus. Simply position the dam between anus and mouth and you’re good to go. The Palo Alto Medical Foundation explains more about dental dams below. Surprised those Silicon Valley geeks are freaky? Come on now – geeks are the best lovers!

Now, dental dams are most often made of thin latex rubber. However, for those allergic to latex, they are also available in silicone. Sometimes, specially made rubber dental dams are sold in stores. Pro tip: there’s a cheap, simple alternative! Plastic saran wrap from your kitchen can serve as an effective dental dam as well.

The key thing to remember is keeping a sterile distance between anal bacterial and the mouth. Don’t worry about this if you’re going to douche, as that will clean the area out and you won’t need to worry about the dental dam. Now that your bum is powder fresh and ready, here’s some anal advice on pleasurable techniques:

Threesome RimmingVariety, variety, variety

Anilingus may, by definition, refer to the tongue stimulating the anus. But akin to its brethren fellatio and cunnilingus, there’s so much more involved than simple tonguing.


This is the core of anilingus. Whether it be the cheeks, the perineum (a wonderful area I’ll touch on in a bit), or going straight for the gold, tongue strokes are what can take the act from iffy to essential. Build up the tension with long, luxurious strokes down your lovers back or up their inner thighs. Definitely lavish attention on the area all around the actual orifice: this region is ripe with intense nerve endings. Plus, licking is a gentle way to explore you and your partner’s comfort zones.

Penetrationrimming anal

You don’t need a dildo, vibrator or penis to get pleasure out of your butt. This is why you so delicately cleansed your tush: so the tongue could go wild. After licking around the edges, dive right into the anus for a delightfully warm alternative to any finger. Plunging one’s tongue in allows not only for a warmer, wetter experience, but the pliability of this muscle makes for amazing stimulation. Try slow, interior circles for a hot build up or mix it up with a surprise dive between licks.

Rimming-Ass-LickingKiller combo

As I mentioned earlier, the perenium (also known as taint, gooch or no-man’s-land) is the stretch of skin, nerves and muscles between genitalia and anus. Often, especially in men, the muscle underneath is even more engorged when aroused. Stimulation, like small pressure, rubbing or licking, can be an extremely pleasurable addition to anilingus, or any oral sex for that matter.

It’s an especially potent add-on with anilingus due to the duality of pleasure. Both genitalia and anus are receiving attention, doubling the stimulation and thus, the pleasure.


Awesome free Pics and videos of Rimming can be found here