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The 4 Most Bizarre Webcams In History

1. Nina Thinking that God got Alzheimer.

Nina is a 41 years old camgirl that sitting in the edge of her bed in a bad day she started screaming phrases such as “God has forgotten about me” and “You are a piece of shit” all this while she was trying to close the window where her “fans where cheering her up”, a bunch of online trolls were asking her to put her shoe in her head and telling her to die, this video was captured by somebody in the audience and here is the result:


Nina Live Free Fun Profile

Her redemption came when this video went from site to site on nonstop viral race, thanks to this she has become the queen of one of the weirdest sexual fetishes I have seen online: Men requesting her to cry and bitch for sexual pleasure (A wife would do that for free in my humble opinion).

2.Nakita Lynn getting naked “For a cause”.

When you find a 27 year old hetero sexual girl, D cup that gets naked in front of a webcam for a living, the last thing you have in your mind  when entering to her show is: “Let’s see how she complains about the natural disasters”, well it gets even better, she starts crying because one of the “regular assistants” to her show has lost everything due the hurricane and storms, see her reaction in the following video.

Nakita Lynn

Nakita Lynn Profile

Well at least her show is now full with people making pledges about their destroyed homes and their different needs while she “gets naked for charity”, each one of these girls have a different strategy to attract customers and I guess hers is getting naked for a cause. To see mor of her hows go here: Nakita Lynn Show

3. Camgirl being attacked.

There is nothing more embarrassing than having your significant other going to your workplace to start an scene isn’t? Especially when you are semi naked and with a dildo on your ass, well that is exactly what happened to this camgirl, you can see how her boyfriend starts throwing things to her in the middle of the show, but don’t take my word for it, watch the video here (Warning: the video was taken with a potato,  and the sound is lost for a
moment, but still quite funny)

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Her redemption now is that she has been getting some job offers to work as a crash test dummy.
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4. Camgirl taking the family to her job.

Many people take their kids to their offices when it is the “take to your kid to work day”, so I guess that is exactly what this camgirl is doing, she took her son to her day job, let’s see what happenes when she is “working” and the kid is there: 

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Well at least you can’t blame her that she does not spend time with her son because of her job.

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